Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Floating in Cayes

This morning was interesting. When we went to bed last night Hurricane Hanna had been headed south southwest and was forecasted to turn back northwest. However this morning we woke to a downpour that wouldn't quit.
After spending a some time having coffee and trying to send a couple of emails when the Internet was up. I went out to give the ladies who work for us a ride. As I passed our offices I noticed one of our employees (Pastor Osmann) standing beside the road. I looked down the mountain to the valley below where he lives and saw that the river was out of it's banks and there was a lake where the valley used to be. I stopped to talked with him and he told me that his house was flooded and he had to evacuate his family to the MEBSH guest rooms that are located above our offices.

Continuing on to pick up our ladies I passed through the little community of Simon. All the roads were flooded.
Upon returning we stopped again in front of our offices and looked below at the valley/lake. We noticed about 10 people below trying to cross one of the flooded areas that had a rushing current. They all dived in hoping their momentum would carry them across. As we watched, all of them crossed successfully. However this brought to mind the fact that most of the people who die in Haiti as a result of tropical storms and hurricanes die from mudslides and trying to cross rivers. Please pray for the Haitian people during this time as they don't realize the danger in trying to cross these swollen rivers.


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