Wednesday, September 03, 2008

More on Devastating Flood in Haiti

This is a report we just got from YWAM in Gonaives, north of Port au Prince.  Quite a long way from our missionaries and sister churches, but it paints a picture of the current situation right now all over Haiti.

"Hanna is not letting up. There are heavy rains and winds in St. Marc with trees coming down and flooding, but in Gonaives the news is very bad!

Maula, YWAM Director there, just called very concerned as homes near them have collapsed! It had many people on top of it seeking refuge from the high flood waters. Maula estimates that the waters are 15 foot or higher and rising as of 4pm Eastern Time. The first floor of the YWAM Base has been submerged since 2:30 last night! The YWAM Centers three story building is standing solid for now but water were cresting the second floor now and the rains are continuing with great strength!

Pray for the YWAMers and citizens of Gonaives.

Reports are coming through phone calls that the countryside is being divested! Homes are being blown away and large numbers of homes have lost their roofs. The people have no shelter and are hanging on to whatever they can find.
Pray for Haiti!"

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