Tuesday, September 09, 2008

The Road to Boyer

Yesterday morning we took a trip out to Boyer to see how the roads are and to visit with the Pastor Soni about the U.S. Sister Church's upcoming trip. We had a great time with Pastor Soni and he showed us all around.

The road out was very good. Most of the way is paved. When we left the paved road, the dirt road was in surprisingly good condition. Only the last few miles after we passed the town of Seant Jan (pronounced Saint Jean) were bad. And they weren't that bad. A couple of places we drove through some standing water and then slid along in a little mud. However we never had to put the vehicle into 4-wheel drive.

Below are some pictures that Gary McLaughlin took.


When Jimmy Buffet wrote the song "Lone Palm", I don't think he was talking about this one.


There was some wind and rain but the road is in pretty good shape.

P9080052 #2

A market on the road to Boyer. Yes, that is a rearview mirror in the middle of the picture.


MEBSH Church at Boyer


Planning for the U.S. Sister Church visit.


Some school rooms may be used as a dining hall & sleeping area.


Area between parsonage & church.


Boyer Yacht Club: Sorry rentals are a little slim!


Only one way out to the Ocean.


Pastor Soni, Jules, and Billy ask,"Now where are we going to put all these people?"


A school room will work...nice and cool!


They have a nice big church building.

Pastor Soni and Madame Pastor are preparing for and looking forward to you visit.

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