Wednesday, September 02, 2015

Did We Get (or Give) Your Goat?

Over the last few years, we have had quite a few people donate to provide a goat to a family here in Haiti.  We LOVE doing this and we do it very carefully.  Here are a few things that we think you might not know, but we think that you might be interested to know…
  1. We give the goat to a family, but put it in the hands of a child.  We ask that child to take responsibility to care for the goat.
  2. We only give female goats since it is gift that will keep on giving (offspring).
  3. Each recipient is instructed that there are some requirements if they choose to accept the donation.  They must know that the first baby is to be given away to another family in need, and if that baby is a female, then that family must also give the first offspring away, and so on.  As an example, in Sainte Helaine Church we gave 10 goats.  In less than 2 years, 10 more kids received a goat from the original recipients.  Once the first baby is given away, all future offspring are for the benefit of the family.
  4. We provide veterinary care (4 checkups for the first year of the goat’s life, including necessary vaccinations and vitamins) for the goats we give away to keep them healthy and productive.  Our team of agronomists visit our partnering churches and we invite all recipients to bring their goats so that we can give counsel and medications.
  5. One of our pastor recently shared with us that receiving a goat is like the promise of receiving a monthly pay check.  A goat is like a checking account that will just keep on giving.  For example, the sale of a future goat can provide for school tuition and supplies, medical care, food, or any other family needs.  Each goat we give provides a little business to the family.
You can donate $90 now to give a goat!

Here are some recent pictures taken during a recent veterinary care session…

GLFS Complete…

Leadership Development in Action:  The Global Leadership Follow-up Seminar (GLFS) here in Cayes, Haiti, is complete.  We do this in coordination with our local MEBSH Bible School.  We really appreciate the work of World Team missionary Sean Christenson and Bible School Director Pastor Jean Admettre.

We are grateful for the opportunity we have to invest in these men and women leaders.  We pray God multiplies our investment to bring sustained change in the lives of those they lead.  They are world changers!