Thursday, February 16, 2012

Guess who stopped the RMI office?

We love to be surprised! Long time supporters and friends, Dave and Julie Antioho from the Chicagoland area (Village Church of Bartlett and back in college days, The Orchard Church) stopped by for a visit while they were on vacation in the area. Dave & Julie Antioho, Feb. 2012

They have been supporters and friends of Dan and Debbie Shoemaker and RMI since their college days. Dave was in Dan and Debbie’s wedding (29 years ago next month!). We had a great time showing them the office, sharing how RMI is doing and catching up to date with one another’s kids.

Who else will stop by? Are you coming to Southwest Florida for business or vacation? Make plans to visit us!! Come see the hub of RMI’s activities and ministries.