Thursday, September 04, 2014

We've Moved into the New RMI Haiti Office!

We have MOVED IN to the NEW RMI Haiti Office!

As we have previously written, the providence of our new office location was a miracle, a gift directly from God that we didn't expect.  It's awesome when God steps in and makes something happen completely outside of our plans.  I honestly tried, but I couldn't manufacture a plan that was good, or that was feasible.  Yet, here we are.  We are grateful to God.  We are grateful to the donors who have made this a reality.  We are grateful to our staff and contract workers who have worked tirelessly to get it ready.

As you may remember, our new office, at first look, was not pretty (it had barely been used for 10 years).  But, with a lot of work, it is looking great.  We are ecstatic with our progress.  We have officially moved in, but we still have some work to do...

Projects in process right now...

  • Kitchen Installation (New Cabinets and Counter-tops being installed)
  • Bathroom Installation (Hot water, Toilets and tile being installed)
  • Meeting and Training Center Installation (Large Meeting area under trusses and metal roof)
  • Decorating (We have a LOT of blank white walls)

Here are a few pictures now that we have moved in (more pictures here)...

Front View of the New Office

New Fans and Lights Donated

Some of our Staff at Work

Benjamin and Benson at Work