Saturday, February 27, 2010

Flooding in Cayes…

RMI Missionary Amy Long wrote…

“From RMI Missionary Amy Long...Please pray for us here in Haiti- Don't know about in other parts of the country but its been pouring here in Cayes since about 9am- the river is overflowing its banks, there's substantial flooding down in the valley below the mission center and houses with water in them. And my heart is breaking for the people living in the Tent City downtown...its in a soccer field and its a very low lying area.”

Keep Praying…


Wednesday, February 24, 2010

RMI office hit by power cable thieves again

The RMI building was hit by thieves again last night. They did not get into the building, but they stole the power cables from the transformer to the building. This time we were able to diagnose the problem immediately…if there’s no power cable, there’s no power! The police have been called and things are in process to get it repaired but it will take days. It’s hard to imagine why they are targeting this particular building (other than Satan wanting to derail our operations), this is a huge buried cable that goes under a paved road. They have to pull it through a conduit which has several curves and corners. It is no easy task and takes special equipment. It was a tough repair last time, too. Pray for the landlord – the last time cost him thousands and this repeat event is a hard blow to handle.

This greatly hampers RMI’s operations! Relief efforts are still ongoing, planning for the next major stage is being done but we all need to be working there at the office to facilitate things. In the meantime, all calls are being routed to my cell phone and we will be working from home. We'll do our best to stay on top of things, but if there's a delay in our service or response to you, please be patient and keep trying!

Pray that this time out of the office will be less than last time (which was more than a week).

Thursday, February 18, 2010

We (Rob and Becky Thompson) just posted our latest e-newsletter “theSlice”…

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Rob and Becky Thompson

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Drew Singing in Creole…

This is Drew Thompson, son of Rob and Becky Thompson. They will be moving to Haiti with RMI in March. For more information about Rob and Becky, visit

Friday, February 12, 2010

Days of Mourning, Prayer & Fasting

Today marks 1 month since the earthquake hit Port-au-Prince. Amidst the tragedy, God is at work. One church leader said that a wind of revival is sweeping the country. For the first time, carnival (Mardi Gras) has been cancelled – it was to start on Tuesday. Today, tomorrow, and Sunday have been declared a time of prayer and fasting. Church leaders called for these days to be set aside and the government was in agreement…did we say that God is at work?!

There was a moment of silence observed at the time the earthquake struck, 4: 53 p.m. Today most people were not on the roads, but in churches (if they are still standing), on street corners or at home in prayer.

Today was a day of repentance, asking God to forgive, Saturday will be a day to pray for the country and the government, and Sunday will be a day of thanking God for His mercy and grace and love.

Churches are having special services throughout the weekend. Radio stations and TV stations are airing some of these services live. It seems that God has inspired this national three day fast. Pray that God will answer His people with a miraculous outpouring of His love. Please join with the Haitians in seeking God's mercy Friday, Saturday and Sunday. The only way to start the healing of Haiti is by spiritual revival.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

What can 13 first graders do?

This is what they can do!

SFCA 1st graders giving RMI check for earthquake relief 2-4-10 tuned

Thirteen first graders at Southwest Florida Christian Academy, Ft. Myers, FL worked extra chores and collected money to give to Haiti earthquake relief. They raised $65! An anonymous donor added $100 to honor their efforts, bringing their total gift to $165. I was able to go their class to share with them about Haiti and the earthquake. Here they are presenting me with the check and with some pictures that I left with them to show the earthquake effects, a young survivor and relief aid being delivered.

Their teacher, Debbie Fulwider, shared that as they visited their church’s mission booths 2 days later, one of the missionaries asked the class if any of them would be interested in being a missionary. She said, “Almost the whole class threw up their arms and said that they wanted to go to Haiti to help.

I pray that we are growing up a generation to help spread the gospel around the world while serving others.

Your organization and the people of Haiti will be in our prayers! Thank you for all you do to help others.”

It is so cool to see how their young hearts were touched. They gave generously and God used them. With their gift, RMI was able to give food to a handicap school in Cayes that has 12 in-resident students. What a ministry for this new generation to have.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

“I didn’t know how I was going to feed all these people. It’s a miracle!”

Missions Conference Rob & Becky Thompson and Dan and I were invited to be a part of our church’s annual missions conference this past week. It’s a large church….and the conference is large and 5 days long. Kim Rose, Kent Commons and I scurried intensely for a couple of days getting the display and other things ready (the earthquake has kind of taken precedence over everything else). Then I had to attend events by myself until Dan arrived, mid-way through the conference.

Dan returned from Haiti late Thursday night, Feb. 4. I was happy to have my hubby home again, but there has been no rest for the weary. He had to jump right into the conference as well as answer phone call after phone call.

We had breakfast yesterday, Tuesday, with the folks who brought down the additional supplies to be flown in Friday (they drove all the way from Arkansas and were on their way back home). What fun to hear their stories of God’s provision of these supplies to them so they could give them to Haiti through RMI!

Dan is to be the chapel speaker next week at Trinity College of Florida, Dawn’s college. We were there for their missions conference in the fall. They want a first-hand report on how things are going in Haiti. [I guess I’ll go along – I do have a daughter that’s needs visiting :) ]

Dan’s time in Haiti went well. He was able to go to Port and make several significant contacts for food aid. He was actually given 600 bags of rice, 150 lbs. of beans and 5 gallons of oil to take back with him. On way back to Cayes, he stopped at the Zanglais church (Zanglais is where RMI’s Retreat Center is) to give the pastor this food to help feed his people. The pastor had tears in his eyes as he said, “It’s a miracle. This morning I got up and wondered how I was going to feed all these people. And then you show up with food! I have over 1,000 people (refugees) in this area that need food. It’s a miracle!”

Through one of those contacts, RMI is now making weekly trips into Port to get a truck load of food relief to distribute in the Cayes area. This is a significant development and will be a great help to the refugees!

CIU Alumni Responding to Haiti Earthquake

Our alma mater, Columbia International University, has a great synopsis of various alumni who are helping in Haiti. You should recognize the first alumni featured. Click here to find the article. We couldn’t ask for better publicity!

While Dan was in Haiti this last trip, I had fun attending an alumni gathering at the home of a CIU Board member (and personal friend) who lives in Ft. Myers. After the dinner, CIU Chancellor, George Murray, wanted to have a special prayer for Dan & Haiti. He turned to me & asked "How can we pray for Haiti?" A million things ran through my head but nothing came out of my mouth. How can you narrow down all the needs (physical, spiritual, emotional, educational, governmental) ...of the Haitian people to 1 thing?

That God would use this disaster in Haiti to bring people to Him was all I could come up with. I felt a bit silly being speechless after sharing so much about Haiti earlier in the evening!

Fluid & Flux

The state of things in Haiti and RMI are very fluid these days. It is much like a large river. It rushes in flood stage and we feel like we are drowning. It ebbs and flows. As time goes by needs change and new opportunities appear. All that said, I am doing my best to keep you informed on what is happening.

Some of the 9,000 lbs of medical supplies has gotten into Haiti, but there is still some left at the airport. Another load of orthopedic equipment and supplies was delivered this week. The leftover supplies and the new shipment (together now total 7,000 lbs.) will hopefully be flown in on Friday, Feb. 12. Pray that that is able to take place. So many options and plans have been made for these things and most of it has fallen through. It’s been a daily volley of phone calls all over the country to keep it going. Herb and Shirley have been the point people on this effort and have done a superb job.

Medical personnel are still helping in the Les Cayes area, working at either the General Hospital, the Cite Lumiere Hospital or the mountain MEBSH hospital, Bonne Fin.

Medical supplies and other relief aid is coming in through the Methodist Habitat of the Bahamas straight to Cayes. We had hoped they would be able to help us get the 7,000 lbs. of stuff down to Cayes, but it proved too great a task since they only fly 6 seater planes.

The RMI missionaries and staff in Haiti continue to work in relief aid 24/7. They’ve done a superb job and we are proud of them! RMI vehicles and trucks continue to transport relief aid of all sorts from the airport to distribution points on the mission center and then on to it’s needed destination. They have also helped with 3 trips to transport refugees from Port to a MEBSH youth camp in the Cayes area that has become a refugee center for the next 3 months.

The RMI guesthouse is in constant use these days for medical personnel, mission executives doing assessment tours and even a stray reporter or two! Often RMI provides a translator and transportation to their various destinations if possible.

Calls have come in from all over the US. A public school in Pennsylvania wants to collect funds and put together hygiene kits for refugees. Doctors and nurses continue to call in to offer their services. Men have called to let us know their availability for construction when the rebuilding takes place. Rotary clubs are asking how they can help [Dan is speaking to some members of the Southwest Florida Rotary Club today, sharing what the Cayes Rotary Club is doing and fielding questions as to how they can be involved!]. Local reporters have interviewed both Dan and I, not once, but 2 and 3 times. Thirteen first graders at a local Christian school did extra chores and collected $65 for Haiti. They asked me to come and talk to them. They were very proud to present me a check for Haiti relief.

Keep tuned to this blog and RMI's website for the latest ebbs and flows!

Monday, February 08, 2010

Jules Update

Gary and Marilyn McLaughlin were able to visit Jules in December.

Jules - cropped

Jules & Marilyn tuned

Jules & Mart tuned


He underwent heavy duty chemo treatments 3 times a week in preparation for his bone marrow transplant. Two days before his bone marrow transplant, a lump was discovered on his neck. After a lot of tests, they found that it was an infection. He was given heavy antibiotics and seems to be better.

He met with his doctor last week and the decision was that now that the infection is gone, he must undergo another 4 weeks of chemo before any transplant.

Pray for him….

* He must go to these chemo treatments by public transportation. This means going from their apartment to the bus stop, waiting for the bus, then after the bus ride from that stop to the hospital. After the treatment, then they have to reverse the process. And all of this in heavy snow [remember these are Haitians who do not like the cold!] and not feeling well. Occasionally friends give them a ride, which is a welcome relief.

* He and Martha are “hanging in there”, but they still struggle with boredom and feel isolated and homebound.

Their phone number is 321-217-4165. Phone calls are a very real encouragement to them.

Please be assured that if anything new develops, we will keep you up to date.