Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Attention Harper Evangelical Free Church: A new letter from your Sister Church!

Dear Brothers and Sisters.

    I greet you in the name of the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. How are you doing in your activities? I hope that everything is doing very well for your families and your congregation. In the name of Les Irois Church and in my name personally, I am very happy to write you this letter and I hope that everything is going well with you all. Here, in Les Irois we are doing very well by the grace of the Lord. The church is praying for you everyday and I wish you can do the same for us too over here in Haiti.

      All of our activities are working well here, each month we have new people that accept Jesus as their Lord and Savior. Please pray for us because we will have a big convention from July 17th to July 20th in our church here, where we are going to receive 29 other churches that are going to be around here to participate. It will be a big Convention and we do need about $10,000 H to make it happen. Please, we ask you for your prayers. One week after we are going to receive your team from the US we will have a Couples Seminar. We have more than 50 couples that are taking part. That will be a great blessing for all of us here in Les Irois.

     Finally, we want you please to pray for our projects that we would like to do: The first one is the outhouse, the second one the school that we would like to finish and the third one is the parsonage at Mandou. We say thank you for your support again this year that helped our kids go to school. Thank you for the sound system that you sent for us but we still need the wires for them. I send my blessing to all the Pastors, Deacons and the Members in Harper Evangelical Free Church.

     May God in His power cover each of you with his Love and His peace!

Your Brother in Christ,

Pastor Jean Sainpreval

Attention Village Church of Bartlett: A new letter from your Sister Church

Dear brothers and sisters.

We are very happy to write this letter to you just to give you some information about our church here in Ducis and also we want to take this advantage to wish you a happy new year of 2008. We are very happy for the good communion that God our Father established among us and allowed us to live as brothers and sisters for the glory of His ministry. This is by the same love He left behind His kingdom and come on the earth to die for us. That’s really a great love, isn’t it?

We say thank you to God the way He did take care of us for the year of 2007, even though we had insecurity problem in our country but God took care of each family in our church. For those reasons, from December 16th to December 31st of 2007 we had a nice prayer service in our church in Ducis where all the members in the church met together to praise Him and thanks Him for his mercy. We had different speakers who preached from the book of Exodus 33:13.

Our purpose for this new year is to have more people baptized, teach more people the words of God and create a new strategy where all the family in the church can know the power of God better and seek more people for His kingdom.

This year again we want start working with our plan we had long time ago that is called “AWANA”, we already sit with the responsible people and  they approved it, I hope next time when I write I will give you more explanations about it.

We are praying for you everyday and we hope that you are going to do the same thing for us.

Once again I want to wish you all a happy new year of 2008 and may God send His blessing upon your church.

Your brother,

Pastor Anthony Moise

Attention Sunrise Community Church: A new letter from your Sister Church!

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Jesus Christ,

May the Grace and Peace of God be with you all the time!

The members of Morancy Baptist Church greet you in the precious name of Jesus Christ. We love you with all our hearts and we always keep you in our prayers. We have our prayer service every Tuesday night and we always pray and ask God to protect your families and your church.

I am very happy for the chance I have to write you this letter. The goal of my letter is to say thank you for your good help to us. I do realize how Haiti is very difficult now, where the people are facing an economic crisis, so without your help it will be very hard for the parents to pay school for their children. I heard from news even your country knows some difficult problems now but Praise the Lord because you are still helping our kids go to school. In my own name as the Pastor of the church and in the name of all the parents we say thank you very much. We believe that God in his grace will cover you with his blessing and watch over you and your families everyday.

We are going to pray for you and we want to share with you some projects we wish to realize. We want you please to pray for them so that God can provide us money to make them happen. The first project is a sound system that we need for the church. The second project has to do with the church and the third project is for the parsonage which needs some work too. Please, pray for those three projects so that we can realize them in coming years.

In our church, we have a worship service every Sunday, Evangelism service on Sunday night, Prayer service every Tuesday night and Bible study every Thursday night. Also we have a members service once a month and finally we have a group of people that are responsible for going out and praying with the sick people.

It was a pleasure for me to write you and I want to hear from my brothers and sisters from Sunrise Community Church pretty soon.

May God bless you all!

Pastor Jean Robert Brunache

Notice to Calvary Baptist Church: A new letter from your Sister Church!

Dear Pastor Glass,

I always have a big joy each time I have a chance to write as the Pastor of our sister church. Please receive the greeting of our God who gives peace to you and to the congregation of Calvary Baptist Church. Also receive the greeting from all the members in Dame-Marie Baptist Church. I wish that everything is working well for all the members in Calvary Baptist Church. This year we have 35 members from Dame-Marie Baptist that were planning to go to annual convention that the MEBSH’s mission has here in Cite Lumiere, Cayes. Unfortunately, we had a political problem where all the Haitians over Haiti were demonstrating against the Haitian government. By that problem the MEBSH Board committee decided to cancel the convention for this year.

Praise the Lord, Dame-Marie church is working very well. We have a choir in the church that has more than 50 people, they were prepared to sing at the convention but they could not. Since December 2007 we started the Sunday school at 6 AM and the worship service at 7 AM. Please pray for Haiti and the whole country because now we have a lot of problems and we believe that only God can provide a good stability to Haiti. All the members of Dame-Marie are praying for you and for your church so that God can take good care of you and help you in your preparation to come here this year again, we are praying for your coming.

Finally, I want to thank you for your support and the money you sent for the kids here in Dame-Marie this year. All the parents here charge me to say thanks and they are praying for you daily. Please pray for me and my family and I will do the same for you too.

Pastor Evelt Mentor

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

A Ray of Sunshine

In the midst of difficult times comes a ray of sunshine for our staff in Haiti. The long awaited truck arrived on the mission center Tuesday, May 20!

Pickup's arrival in Haiti May '08

It is a 2003 Ford F 250, 4WD. It was bought in Dallas, TX through funds raised for it. To get to Haiti from Dallas, it came across country to Orlando, Orlando to Ft. Myers, Ft. Myers to Miami, Miami to Port-au-Prince (via ship - and this leg took 2 months!), then Port to Cayes. It will carry 6 people and quite a bit of cargo. What a great help to the team there to have a reliable vehicle! The teams will enjoy better transportation accommodations and safety on the Haitian roads.

Thanks to all of you who gave toward this and prayed faithfully for it!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Food riots in Haiti - Here are some of the causes.

'Crime' and Ethanol
Unintended Consequences

May 7, 2008

Biofuels are one of the major reasons you and I are paying more for groceries these days. For most of us, it is just an inconvenience. For many around the world, however, it is a catastrophe. Last week, United Nations Special Investigator Jean Ziegler called the use of biofuels, such as ethanol, a "crime against a great part of humanity."

In the past, global food crises were sparked by natural disasters and bad harvests. What makes this food crisis a crime against humanity is: We caused it. And like many man-made problems, this one can be traced to our false worldview.

Here in the United States, egg prices are up 35 percent; milk up 23 percent; and bread up 16. For most Americans, who on average spend 10 percent of their income on food, these increases squeeze our budgets.

But for the "great part of humanity" Ziegler talks about, it is a lot worse. In countries like Ethiopia and Bangladesh, people can spend 70 percent of their income on food; so even modest increases in food prices can impair their ability to feed their families. And price increases for the staples they depend on have not been modest: Wheat prices have doubled and corn prices quadrupled in the last year.

Rising food prices are causing social instability. According to the World Food Program, "33 countries in Asia and Africa face political instability as the urban poor struggle to feed their families"—which is why the president and Congress are talking now about increasing aid to these countries.

While the rise in food-staple prices has many causes, as Ziegler noted, one of them is definitely man-made: the use of cropland and food-staples to produce bio-fuels such as ethanol. He called "transforming hundreds and hundreds of thousands of tons" of foodstuffs into fuel "absolutely catastrophic for the hungry people."

Look at it this way: It takes 510 pounds of corn to make 13 gallons of ethanol—that amount could "feed a child in Zambia or Mexico for a year," while it fuels your car only for a week!

Ziegler is not alone; the IMF (International Monetary Fund) has raised grave concerns, and Secretary of State Rice recently spoke of the "unintended consequence from the alternative fuels' effort."

What is maddening about this is that the biofuel effort is fueled by politicians handing out massive subsidies to the farm belt and pandering to glassy-eyed environmentalists. Every presidential hopeful who participated in the Iowa caucuses had to sing the praises of ethanol. That is why John McCain stayed away, because he opposes the subsidies.

Now, I am all for farmers making money on their crops. They deserve it. But no politician with a shred of integrity can deny that it is more important to feed a child in Zambia for a year than to feed your car for a week. And—as if I need to remind you—this is an election year, so ask your candidates where they stand on this tragic political folly. And call your members of Congress to tell them how you feel.

A properly informed worldview is the key here. Two non-Christian worldviews have merged to bring about this crisis: one that sees maintaining political power as an end in itself, and one that sees the environment as our chief concern, even at the expense of humans.

We Christians insist on the proper use of government: that is, to restrain evil and promote justice. And we believe in proper environmental stewardship. But we insist that people, especially the poor, must come first.

Chuck Colson.