Thursday, October 15, 2009

Look for the Fall 2009 issue of theBridge in the mail!

Hot off the press, theBridge will be in the mail first thing next week! Featured in this issue: a very unusual June wedding, updates on the Moses and Thompson families, an update on Jules Gedna, a missionary’s perspective and a challenge on not having a hole in your faith in Christ. There is a lot more, but we don’t want to spoil the surprize!

Multiple copies are sent the the Sister Church Coordinators to be shared with their churches. If you aren’t on RMI’s mailing list and want to receive theBridge, please let us know at It is free and gives great info and ideas on keeping your Sister Church Partnership alive and vibrant and is a great way to keep up to date on the latest happenings on the field and in RMI. It’s an excellent tool to use in sharing the program with others, too!

Thursday, October 08, 2009

Hospitality RMI style

RMI missionary, Amy Long, is here all week for hospitality training and field orientation. She has taken over RMI's Haiti hospitality, running RMI's Guesthouse & Retreat Center. We are so happy and pleased that she has jumped (willingly too!!) right in and has done a great job. Besides sharing RMI's philosophies, policies and practices this week, Debbie and Amy have had fun brainstorming and planning changes and improvements we want done to both places! We are thankful for Amy's gifts, positive can-do attitude and creativeness. It will be great for the Guesthouse and Retreat Center to have some updates and TLC.

Field Orientation for 3 please!

Rob and Becky Thompson joined Amy for a day of field orientation this week. It was great to have the 3 of them together to discuss everything from the inner workings of the mission center, Cite Lumiere, to how and where to shop, how to work with househelp and employees, hurricane plans, how to handle the poverty, how to live and work with your teammates, RMI policies & expectations of them, coping with the stresses of living in Haiti….there are so many areas to cover to help new missionaries settle in well. It helps to hear these things from seasoned, experienced missionaries who’s been there, done that! RMI does try to have an extensive field orientation to help set new missionaries up for success.

Pray for Amy as she is already there in Haiti, finishing up language lessons and in ministry. Besides the hospitality, she is also going out with teams and helping out with photojournalism. She’s wearing several hats (as most missionaries do!) so pray as she multi-tasks and works to fulfill all those responsibilities.

Rob and Becky are working hard at raising their support, paring down their household, making moving plans, and looking forward to their new life in Haiti.