Friday, January 09, 2015

Matching Grant Give for Homes


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It's hard to believe that January 12 will be 5 years since the devastating earthquake in Haiti. In just a few seconds millions of Haitians' lives changed forever.  Now, 5 years later RMI's Homes for Haiti Program has been able to build 110 homes.  It's amazing for them to have the security of a solid roof over their heads, solid walls around them and doors that they can lock.  They are able to really start rebuilding their lives.  Unfortunately there are over 250,000 people still living in tent cities and struggling to survive.  But we can help!
The Lord has provided us with a matching grant of $47,500 for 10 homes. This means that we only need $4750 per home to match the grant.  We need your help to match this grant!  You can be a part of providing a home to a needy Haitian family.

What a difference these houses can make!

Don’t delay.  You can donate here for a whole house or a part of one.  Or send your check to:

RMI, 5475 Lee St. Suite 301, Lehigh Acres, FL  33971

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Monday, January 05, 2015

Yearly Checkup

A5RKJAIt’s that time of year.  RMI regularly checks it’s systems, policies, and the results so it is the time that we take a step back and look at the whole picture.  In essence it is Report Card time.  How did we do in 2014?  Here is the year’s is what YOU have been a part of:

Sister Church Team Visits - 16
Special non Sister Church Visiting Teams - 6
RMI Trips - 2 (includes one Staff visit and 1 Vision Trip)
Total Trips as listed above - 24
Total US Team Members who visited Haiti - 202
Open Air Services - 25
Salvations - 97 - Directly Related to and During our Team Visits (Officially Recorded)
Re-dedications - 4 - Directly Related to and During our Team Visits (Officially Recorded)
Trips to Port au Prince - 54
Outside Group Retreats Facilitated at RMI Retreat Center - 5
Large Leadership Training Events - 6 (Includes 1 Sister Church Leadership Retreat, 2 Awana   Training Events not related to our partnerships, 1 GLS Follow Up, 1 GLS, 1 TTT)
Hope for Kidz Sponsored - 1859
Hot Lunch Meals Distributed - 865,296
General Relief Meals Distributed - 341,280
Total Meals Distributed - 1,206,576
Food Containers Received and Processed - 7
Tons of Food Received and Processed - 144.9
Equipment Containers - 1 - Suttons with RMI equipment
People Dewormed - 13,084
Benches Built  - 80 (58 Church Benches, 22 School Benches)
Water Filters Distributed - 73
Homes Built - 4
Bibles and Songbooks Distributed - 664 (429 Bibles plus 235 Song Books)
Motorcycles Distributed - 3
Goats Distributed - 108

RMI Haiti
RMI US Missionaries - 7 Adults
RMI National Missionaries - 28
Total Staff in Haiti - 35
Office Renovation - $35,000 with labor
Simon Home Renovation
RMI Trucks in Service and Maintained - 11
RMI Motocycles in Service and Maintained - 13
Facilities Maintained - 5 (Simon Home, Office, Sutton Home, Storage Depot, Zanglais)
New Missionaries Received and Oriented - 3 (Suttons, Westcott)
Church Visits for Accountability and Oversight - 168

We are truly grateful to the Lord for the many aspects that God has given to us in which to minister.  We are also deeply grateful for all those who support RMI financially as well as with prayer.  2015 should be an exciting year as we anticipate growth in ministry and partnerships.