Friday, December 31, 2010

Last chance!

Today is the last chance to make your donation to RMI count for your 2010 taxes. You can donate online here or get your donation to the post office before it closes today to get it postmarked by Dec. 31. (RMI, 5475 Lee St. Suite 301, Lehigh Acres, FL 33971)

RMI’s general operations budget has not been immune to the recession. Despite drastic cuts, we are experiencing a budget shortfall and need your help. Don’t delay – act today!!

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

There is still time!

There’s still time for your donations to count for 2010 taxes!


Our greatest need within RMI is enabling our continued ability to provide for our staff and on-going ministry here in the States and in Haiti. This year has been great for our ministry toward our Haitian brothers and sisters. Due to the disasters Haiti has faced this year, we have been focused on relief efforts on many different levels. We have been thankful for all that God has enabled us to do through your assistance. However it has been a tough year on our normal operations income. We are heading into 2011 with great challenges ahead of us financially.

Would you consider a donation to enable RMI to continue to provide the same high level of ministry toward our Haitian brothers and sisters? A donation toward our general operations would be a tremendous help as we move into the New Year.

Your can donate online here or send a check to RMI, 5475 Lee St. Suite 301, Lehigh Acres, FL 33971. The postal date must be no later than Dec. 31, 2010.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

What will I fix for dinner?

Standing in front of her well-stocked pantry, Lacy wondered what she should fix for supper…would it be chicken potpie, meatloaf, leftover turkey (no-they were all tired of that) or the pork steaks she’d just bought?

At the same time in Haiti, Rosemarie sat by the fire in her outdoor “kitchen” and pondered the same question, what would she fix for supper? They ate the last of the meat 3 days ago. Since then they’d finished off what little rice they had. With a sigh, she peeled the remaining patat (a root vegetable similar to a potato) to fry and began to fix some cornmeal gruel. Hopefully the younger children would find it filling enough and wouldn’t notice the absence of meat or other vegetables. The older kids and her husband would, but what were they to do? The floods last month wiped out their crops so there was not only no food, they had nothing to sell in the market to buy more food. The older 2 kids would have to quit school because there was no money to pay for it after the first of the year. She shook her head - that was the least of her worries. The next crop harvest was months away. Food was the immediate need. Some of her friends were feeding their children dirt cakes [Made of clay, water, a dollop of shortening and a pinch of salt, they have no nutritional value, exacerbate malnutrition and are used only to dull the pangs of hunger.] just to fill their stomachs. She’d considered it when she saw them in the market Saturday. But she didn’t want to resort to that. What was she going to do?

Meanwhile Lacy began to cut the vegetables, set the table and get the steaks ready for the grill. She would fix the meatloaf tomorrow and put the cauliflower with it then she’d save the potpie for the weekend after their shopping trip to the mall.

Two mothers fixing supper, caring for their families, but worlds apart. Can we here in the US even imagine what life is like for the Haitian people? Since January 12 they have gone through a devastating earthquake, a deadly cholera outbreak and a flood producing hurricane. Three strikes yet the Haitian people are not “out for the count”. They are a resilient people. Despite all they have gone through in this year alone, they continue to cling to the Lord, they continue to put their hope in Him and continue to smile and somehow carry on. Despite their circumstances, they still greet you with a smile and hearty handshake. Wow! What an example for us!

Could you? Could I?


RMI is responding to the overwhelming need for food by providing food packets. These pre-mixed packets are rice based, fortified with vitamins and nutrients and have been scientifically created to help those suffering from scabies, malnutrition and other life threatening illnesses. Each packet serves a family of 6.

We need your help to get this food into the hands of needy, hungry families! For $25, a case of these food packets will feed a family for a month. That is 216 hot nutritious meals, less than .12 cents a meal. What better way to have an immediate, practical effect on a Haitian family’s life!

This is a great project to involve your whole family. Most of us can handle $25 for a case of food. Challenge your family, prayer group, Bible study, your deacons, pastoral staff, Sunday school class or church. How about your workplace? Can you get your favorite restaurant to put out a collection jar? Do you spend that much on Starbucks coffee in a week? How about feeding an entire family for a month instead? Your local Christian school can take on this challenge…kids helping to feed other kids!

Just $25 a case. You can do that! How about several cases? The need is immediate. Please consider how God would have you respond. Haitian families need you now! Don’t delay – donate online ( or send in your gift right away so these meals can get into the hands of people who desperately need it.clip_image002

Together feeding the hungry,


Dan Shoemaker


5475 Lee St. Suite 301

Ft. Myers, FL 33971


Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Weddings, weddings!

Two RMI national staff members were married in Haiti this month! We are very excited to say congratulations to Benjamin Altema, RMI’s national administrator and his new wife, Lucette.Benjamin & Lucette Altema, tuned

They were married December 4 at RMI’s Retreat Center at Zanglais. You can see the pictures here.

We are also very happy to congratulate Benson and Denise Joseph. Benson works as a facilitator in Hope for Kidz and translates for teams. They were married in Simon (right next to the mission center at Cayes) on December 18 and the reception was held at the RMI Guesthouse. Benson & Denise Joseph, tuned

You can see the pictures here.

Welcome to the RMI family Madame Benjamin (Lucette) and Madame Benson (Denise)!!

Thursday, December 02, 2010

Let your light shine–literally!

Let your light shine & your voice be heard!

RMI missionary, Gary McLaughlin, writes,

“The sounds of worshipping in a Haitian church near our retreat center. Thanks Sam for doing the video and Fred for posting it. Be careful, if you've been to Haiti you may tear up a little when you listen. I did. Close you eyes and enjoy. A small table, a kerosene lamp, a song book on the table and people singing in the dimly lit church.”

It’s touching to hear the simple sounds of praises to God. They didn’t need a fancy edifice, a pipe organ or band, oodles of electronics or bright spotlights. But two things are certain: God heard them loud and clear and their light shone brightly in the midst of the Haitian darkness!