Sunday, December 31, 2017

Happy 213th Birthday, Haiti!

There are many ways to bring in the New Year. Each country has their traditions and within each country, each family has their own way of celebrating. For Americans, the New Year frequently involves a party or gathering and fireworks...lots and lots of fireworks.

For Haitians, New Year's Eve and New Year's Day has an entirely different meaning. Jan. 1 is their Independence Day. Their preparations would have begun yesterday by going to the market to gather the ingredients, the meat (usually chicken, beef or goat), the many veggies (Haitian pumpkin-more like a squash than an American pumpkin, carrots, onions, garlic, cabbage, leeks, potatoes, root veggies like yanm and patat, parsley, celery, parsnip, turnips and others), spices (salt, pepper, scotch bonnet peppers, nutmeg to name a few) and the noodles.

370742The meat will be marinated for several hours and the cooking will begin tonight. Preparing it will be a family affair with everyone pitching in. Families will gather and spend a fun evening and night together as the giant pot of soup cooks.

When it is done, about 3, 4 or 5 a.m., they will all sit down and "drink" their soup. {In Creole you don't EAT soup, you DRINK it.} There is great symbolism in being able drink this pumpkin soup. [We actually call it "Independence Stew".]

As slaves in the 1700's, they prepared this delicacy for their French masters but they were not allowed to have any themselves. After they revolted and declared their independence on Jan. 1, 1804,, they made the soup and relished being able to drink it. Thus, drinking pumpkin soup, or soup joumou (pronounced joo-moo), symbolizes their freedom.

A Miami Herald article expresses it well. "For Haitians, this aromatic meal steeped both in tradition and vegetables is as much about celebrating the future as it is about paying homage to the past. New Year’s Day also happens to be Haiti’s Independence Day, which took place 213 years ago on Jan. 1, 1804."  You can read the rest of the article HERE.

Saturday, December 30, 2017

One Last Word

2017Only 1 1/2 days left in this year. It's hard to imagine but this year is almost over. Would you prayerfully consider making a year-end tax-deductible donation to RMI's ministry? Help us end the year with a boost that enables us to continue to transform lives through partnerships, food aid, child sponsorships, water filters, homes, goats, and so much more! Give a boost to one of RMI's missionaries and appointees! Or perhaps give a boost to RMI operations. Your donation can make a difference. You can give online HERE.

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

A Haitian Christmas Tradition

fanal - christmas lantern type house google 300 x 300A Haitian Christmas tradition are the "fanals". Fanals are miniature, lantern-like homes that are part of Haiti's Christmas tradition. A candle placed inside illuminates the fragile craft and creates a stained-glass effect. The size of either a shoe box or as small as a camera, fanals are often placed in windows to light the way. Many fanals emulate Haiti's yesteryear -- chiefly, the gingerbread homes, an architectural style prevalent in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. The Creole word “fanal” meaning a ‘beacon’ such as a lighthouse beacon or a ‘lantern’ like an old railroad lantern has been applied to the cardboard and colored tissue paper luminaries made by Haitian artists at Christmas. These creations are so striking and memorable that they have more or less taken over the word "fanal". These are most often seen and sold in Port-au-Prince.

fanal google 1772 x 915

Some fanals are simple small houses, while others are larger and more elaborate houses like the one in the picture above.

fanal of national monument

Some are replicas of specific Haitian monuments like this one.  This monument is located in downtown Port-au-Prince not far from the National Palace.

fanal of national palace

This fanal is an elborate replica of the National Palace (before the 2010 earthquake).

fanal vendor google 300 x 294

This is a fanal artist selling his creations.  He’s created some in the form of houses and some in the form of churches.

Fanals are a fun, festive part of a Haitian Christmas.

Tuesday, December 05, 2017

The Angels are singing

The angels are rejoicing and singing.  Why?  Because 57 people recently gave their lives to Christ in an open air service in Dame Marie, Haiti.  Because 57 people’s lives were transformed that night. 

PB121474Pastor Guy Glass of Myakka City, FL was in Dame Marie with his church, Bethany Baptist Church, visiting their C3 partner church.  Each time they visit they hold an open air service in the town square for the people of the community, but this time the deacons took them to an entirely new area.  The service drew quite a crowd.  Pastor Guy shared his sermon through an RMI staff translator, sharing the plan of salvation at the end.  As he prepared to give the invitation, he turned to the visiting team and asked them to pray.  At first it seemed like no one was going to respond.  Then one man came forward.  Then another.  A couple more people came forward, then several more and by the end of time, 57 people had come forward to give their lives to Christ. 

PB121449Pastor Guy and the team shared that it was an amazing time – and how overwhelmed they were at the response!  God answered their prayers in a big way.

It was especially encouraging that the next day 54 of those 57 people who came forward showed up at the church to begin their follow-up and discipleship classes.  These folks were serious about their commitments!  And the deacons of the church got right to work.

We at RMI are humbled and excited to be a part of the big picture of transforming lives in Haiti…. lives in Haiti and lives of people on teams. 

One team member recently shared…

“Throughout the trip, teams members and others often asked me if I would come back to Haiti. My answer was always the same: "Ask me when the trip is over." During our time there, I was fairly certain that I would never, and I mean NEVER, do this again. But in retrospect, I realize that God, through moments of great joy and great heartbreak that we all witnessed, changed my heart and my head while in Haiti. I cannot deny the blessings that God has poured out on me since coming home, and I KNOW it is because I did what He wanted me to do. In short, I will definitely be back.”

It’s very special to be a part of God’s work.

Monday, December 04, 2017

Deworming through Hope for Kidz!

The Hope for Kidz (HFKz) Deworming Initiative is one of my favorite times of the year!  It's may be just a small part of our HFKz child sponsorship program, but it has a huge impact. A small portion of the sponsorship funds covers this program. The exciting part is that it doesn't just effect the individual sponsored child, but we are able to treat every child in every HFKz school. We hope and pray that this enables all the students at each school to have improved health and therefore be better equipped to learn! This year, we've been able to include 15,365 people in this program!

Intestinal worms is always an ongoing health issue here in Haiti, yet prevention training and treatment is not complicated! Kids who have intestinal worms generally have poor nutrition (as the worms rob them of any vitamins they ingest), malaise and weakness, chronic cough, lack of focus and concentration and overall poor health. You can imagine how this affects a child's ability to learn and thrive in a school setting!

This past week, we hosted all the HFKz school directors at our office for a general HFKz meeting as well as the annual training and medication distribution for the deworming program. We give them educational materials that teach worm prevention (through good hygiene) and ask that each class receive this training each year. In addition, each student and teacher receives a yearly pill that eradicates any infection they may have. We teach each school director how to run a distribution clinic and they are all required to keep a record of each student who receives medication each year. Each school director is sent home with the medication and supplies necessary to ensure each child at each school is treated.

Worm prevention education and one pill a year doesn't sound like much, but it has a huge impact in a child's life and overall health, leading to a child who has an increased ability to learn. If you sponsor a child through the Hope for Kidz program, thank you for your part in this program that not only affects your sponsored child's health, but the health of all kids in his/her school.

To us, that's a win-win!

Hope For Kidz Liaison

Saturday, December 02, 2017

Merry Christmas

Jwaye Nowèl

A little something different for this Monday.  Instead of a Haitian proverb, here is a Christmas greeting to share with your friends.

"M swete ou yon jwaye Nowèl!" = I wish you a Merry Christmas!

Pronunciation help: "M swe-tay oo yoh ZHWA-ye no-WEL"

Friday, November 03, 2017

Meet RMI’s Newest Missionary Appointees

Jim and April Starkey joined the RMI family this month as our newest missionary appointees.  They are from Ohio and have been serving at their local church, Community Bible, for 8+ years. Jim is involved in a men’s leadership group, helps with the sound ministry and children’s ministry. He is also very involved as a leader in their church’s youth group. He has a special handshake he does with each kid in the youth group and doesn’t mind at all making a fool out of himself to connect with the kids and make them laugh. He’s a big Ohio State Buckeye football fan and loves to read. April helps lead worship at their church and is one of the Bible teachers for the children’s program. Her passion is music and singing. She is currently learning how to play guitar. She loves the mountains, nature, reading, blogging and board games. Jim and April are high school sweethearts and have been married for 12 years. They have 3 boys: Isaac, 7, Micaiah, 4 and Ezekiel, 1.  April is currently homeschooling Isaac and Micaiah.  They have both been to Haiti for short-term trips and are eager to return and serve full-time, making Him known and serving in whatever way is needed.

They are currently raising support to go to Haiti full-time. Their arrival date depends on when they are able to get all of their monthly support needs (besides salary, this includes health and medi-vac insurance, taxes, social security, a Board mandated 401k and a modest business account) as well as their one-time needs (household set-up costs, shipping their goods, their flights, visa costs, transportation needs, and many other expenses). Pray for them as they begin their support raising. They are needed in Haiti as soon as possible. If you would like to be a part of their ministry, you can do this online HERE. You can contact them at or to arrange for them to speak at your church or small group.  They can be found on Facebook and you can read their blog and much more on their website HERE.

Starkey's prayer card picture 2017 (2)

Wednesday, November 01, 2017

Provide a Thanksgiving Meal

Provide a Thanksgiving meal to a needy Haitian family

during this limited-time holiday special.

Provide a case of specially formulated, nutritious food packets to a needy family at a discount.  Each case contains 216 meals – so you’re actually giving much more than 1 meal!  The more cases you donate, the better the deal! 

IMG_71311 case of food                 $25.00
2 - 10 cases of food        $23.00 each case
11-25 cases of food        $21.00 each case
26-100 cases of food      $20.00 each case
100+ cases of food         $18.00 each case

You can donate online HERE.

Or send a check to:


5475 Lee St., Suite 301

Lehigh Acres, FL  33971

Don’t miss this opportunity to bless a Haitian family with food that can literally save their lives.

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Photo Update from RMI...

Our Fall Food Sale is on NOW! Visit to donate today.

from Reciprocal Ministries International

Monday, October 30, 2017

Photo Update from RMI...

Haitian proverb of the week: Bel dan pa di zanmi. Translation: Beautiful teeth don’t say friend. Meaning: Just because someone is smiling at you doesn’t mean they’re your friend.

from Reciprocal Ministries International

Friday, October 27, 2017

eleve8: A Story That Tells Why (5 of 5)

A simple story that communicates the spirit of eleve8...

A couple of years ago, one of the RMI pickup trucks pulled into the parking lot at the office.  As the driver exited the vehicle, he started talking with another team member there by the side of the truck.  That other team member immediately noticed a wet rope that was left in the bed of the pickup overnight.  It had gotten wet from the rain the previous night as it laid disheveled in it's place.  Here in RMI, we value order and stewarding what God has given us.  The rope should've been wrapped up and put in the back of the truck so it was ready for it's next use.  Once he noticed the rope, he reached in and grabbed the rope to put it away. The driver who was ultimately responsible for that rope, asked, "Wow, why can't I see what you see?".

Why can't I see what you see?  What a great question!  It's about training.  The one team member had been trained to have open eyes, to take initiative, to look for opportunities to change things and to have an impact where God put him.  The other team member had simply not been taught to have open eyes.  We want all of our team to have open eyes.  We want to have a "take initiative" kind of culture.

Today, that team member who asked the simple question, "Why can't I see what you see?", is now the one with open eyes.  He is now the one teaching and leading others.  He is now the one taking great initiative to change things.

This is the spirit of eleve8.  It's about multiplication.  We all need to be passing on what we've learned along the way, as well as learning more from the others God puts around us.

Keep watch as we roll this out in an 5 post series...  Next up...  

Thursday, October 26, 2017

eleve8: This is NEW, but not really. (4 of 5)

Is our eleve8 initiative new?  Definitely yes, but not really...

Why isn't this new?  For a long time, our desire has been to have a multiplication culture.  We've talked about empowering the team, raising them up, releasing them with authority to changes lives.  On a regular basis some of us have used the language "we are a teaching mission".  We truly value our team members and believe in their potential.  Frankly, we've at times purposefully, strategically and patiently sacrificed short term excellence and expediency in order to generate long term personal and professional development and impact by our team members.  We've provided tools and some training to our team members, even if they've had little experience using these tools because we respect everyone's ability to learn and grow into their roles.  We've started a learning resource library. We often choose to use the inexperienced because we believe in their God given future potential. We see equality between our national and international team members.  We believe in our people and we believe in each person's ability to do great things for the kingdom.

Why is this new?  It's time to double-down on our effort.  It's one thing to talk about it and believe, but it's another thing to actively implement.  We want that this language will more regularly be a part of our dialogue and lead us in every decision.  We'll not simply consider how we can develop others, but we will also consider how we ourselves need further development.  What will be do differently? We expect we will have an increased volume of strategic learning events.   We expect that we will bring in experts (local and international) to help us all learn (Interested in coming to teach us your skill?).  We plan to establish an eleve8 learning forum online.  Our library will continue to grow with strategic titles. We can claim we teach/develop people, but we want to be more aggressive in doing so.  We will push harder to expect and demand the development and the empowerment of our people.  There will be suggested books, suggested blogs to follow and articles to read.  There will be an increased volume of encouragement to lead and learn.

RMI Haiti Team - Full Time (Oct 2017)
Keep watch as we roll this out in an 5 post series...  Next up...  

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

eleve8: 8 Core Values and Proficiencies (3 of 5)

What are the 8 major areas of life and leadership that we will focus on in our eleve8 initiative?

8 Core Values and Proficiencies…  
  1. Everyone can be a learner and developer (of self and others) - Skills 
  2. Everyone can be a student of the Bible - Know the Bible 
  3. Everyone can be of good character - Character and Values 
  4. Everyone can be disciplined - Personal Discipline 
  5. Everyone can be socially intelligent - Understanding People 
  6. Everyone can be an initiator - Independent and Creative Thinking 
  7. Everyone can be a manager - Self and Others 
  8. Everyone can be a server - Service
Keep watch as we roll this out in a 5 post series... Next up... #4
  1. ANNOUNCING: eleve8
  2. Vision and Mission
  3. 8 Core Values and Proficiencies
  4. This is NEW, but not really!
  5. A Story That Tells Why

Photo Update from RMI...

For now, only fifteen students are sponsored at this satellite church of Cote de Fer, but we believe that God is going to do great things through McGregor Baptist Church (FL), so that many more can be blessed with an education.

from Reciprocal Ministries International

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Photo Update from RMI...

The men of the McGregor team (FL) were helping to set up for ladies tea at Cote de Fer church this afternoon.

from Reciprocal Ministries International

Photo Update from RMI...

We are thrilled to have Gary and Marilyn McLaughlin here in Haiti for two months. Last week they had the privilege to deliver goats from their church in Packwood, Washington to school kids in the Aux Coteau region.

from Reciprocal Ministries International

Monday, October 23, 2017

eleve8: Vision and Mission (2 of 5)

What is the vision and mission of the eleve8 leadership development initiative?

eleve8 exists to "Develop a Workplace Culture of Constant Leading and Learning" (Vision) in order to "Increase Personal and Professional Capacities to Transform Lives in Christ" (Mission).

Keep watch as we roll this out in an 5 post series.  Next up...

Photo Update from RMI...

There is even some ballroom dancing going on at the children's program right now in Cote de Fer, as the McGregor team (FL) visits their sister church for the first time.

from Reciprocal Ministries International

Sunday, October 22, 2017

Photo Update from RMI...

The McGregor team (Lehigh Acres, FL) paused for a time of prayer at the park in Cote de Fer, Haiti tonight before their open air service.

from Reciprocal Ministries International

Saturday, October 21, 2017

Photo Update from RMI...

2 teams are off today in 2 different directions to visit their Sister Churches in Haiti! Christ Baptist/Strings of Love (Burlington, NJ) to Dame Marie and McGregor Baptist (Fort Myers, FL) to Cote de Fer. Anticipating changed lives, Haitian and American. #rmihaiti #rmi #haiti

from Reciprocal Ministries International

Friday, October 20, 2017

ANNOUNCING: eleve8 (1 of 5)

What is This?

RMI desires to be all in on further developing our team of "learning leaders".  We're doubling-down on our efforts to create a vibrant fellowship of leaders who are constantly learning.  EVERYONE on the RMI team must know that they are in development mode.  We are all in process.  If we are going to transform lives, we must be in transformation ourselves. Out of our own constant development, we will more effectively lead others within our own sphere of influence to new places.

This is why we are launching our eleve8 initiative.

Notes on the Logo...
  • "e" is for "everyone". Everyone can/should be a learning leader. 
  • "leve" is a Haitian Creole word which means "to lift up". "lev" is the latin root word of the English word elevate, which indicates being "lightweight" and therefore able to be moved, raised up or lifted higher. 
  • "8" refers to our 8 unique core values, proficiences or competencies. 
  • "8" is elevated off the baseline to illustrate our own movement from who we are today to who we can become tomorrow. The shadow under the 8 refers back to who we used to be. 
  • "green" and "blue" refer back to the RMI logo, but yet unique. 
  • "green" is used to signify growth and "blue" is used to signify the sky, or the unlimited leadership potential for each of us learning leaders.
Keep watch as we roll this out in an 5 post series...  Next up...  

Friday, October 13, 2017

Photo Update from RMI...

Happening today at the RMI office--more than a month after Hurricane Irma our conference room carpet is being replaced! Now we can move things back in and resume using it. We truly missed having a conference/work/lunch/project room and are grateful to Britt's Carpet Outlet of Ft. Myers for fitting us in their busy schedule.

from Reciprocal Ministries International

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Photo Update from RMI...

Our Partnership Facilitators do so much more than leading teams . . . here, Perguens helps some students in Port Salut with their French.

from Reciprocal Ministries International

Photo Update from RMI...

Yesterday, the Lifehouse/La Mano of Hope (Hagerstown, MD) team enjoyed sharing their gifts and talents with the ladies of Port Salut at their afternoon tea.

from Reciprocal Ministries International

Monday, October 09, 2017

Photo Update from RMI...

God is using Lifehouse Church and La Mano of Hope (Hagerstown, MD) to transform lives in Port Salut, Haiti. One young man gave his life to Christ today thanks to their ministry.

from Reciprocal Ministries International

Photo Update from RMI...

Thanks to reading glasses that she received this morning at the Health Clinic being coordinated by Lifehouse Church and La Mano of Hope (Hagerstown, MD) at the Port Salut Church this morning, this woman is now able to read the Word of God.

from Reciprocal Ministries International

Photo Update from RMI...

This week's Haitian proverb: Achte, peye; prete, remèt. Men sa ki fè yon nonm. Translation: Buy, pay; borrow, return. This is what makes a man. Meaning: Characteristics of honesty.

from Reciprocal Ministries International

Sunday, October 08, 2017

Photo Update from RMI...

This is what happens when it starts to rain at an open air service with Lifehouse Church and La Mano of Hope (Hagerstown, MD) as they minister alongside the church in Port Salut, Haiti.

from Reciprocal Ministries International

Saturday, October 07, 2017

Photo Update from RMI...

The team of LifeHouse Church (Hagerstown, MD) members are off to spend 5 days in Port Salute, serving and being served, along with the believers there. It's Reciprocal. One Church. One body. One Lord. #oneanother #rmihaiti

from Reciprocal Ministries International

Friday, October 06, 2017

Photo Update from RMI...

La Mano of Hope team from Lifehouse Church has hit the ground in Haiti! We're excited! #rmihaiti

from Reciprocal Ministries International

Wednesday, October 04, 2017

RMI’s Pilot Agricultural Project is Off to a Good Start

P6010246The first training seminar has been held in RMI’s pilot agricultural project.  Our goal is to work collaboratively with the national C3 partner churches and its leaders to introduce farmers to agricultural education and insights in farming their land.  They are going to work in conjunction with the pastor, deacons and community leaders to teach sustainable/renewable agricultural practices on each site where farmers can learn and apply their newly obtained skills to better improve their crop quality and quantity.  They will begin with a group of farmers who in turn will apply the newly acquired skills and knowledge to their own fields.  The national church will be responsible for the land acquisition and maintaining the fields.  The US C3 Partner church will help by resourcing portions of the project.

P6010263After testing the soil and examining which crops will thrive in that particular area, they will teach and model the basics of irrigation, prevention of soil erosion, conservation and preservation, composting, crop rotation, crop storage, pest prevention and pesticide usage.  They want to introduce farmers to wise marketing practices and use of supply/demand to boost earnings and basic money management.  Another goal is to build a nursery with plants that will benefit both the farmers as well as provide the opportunity for extra income.

P9111472Tomato, green pepper, eggplant, onion, leek, and carrot seeds have been bought for the first plantings.  The farmers involved in the project also received the necessary tools to get them started.  God has already supplied trained agronomists among our own staff.  They will do the weekly training and demonstrations.  The local pastor is so excited about this project that he is planning to put an agriculture course into the curriculum of the 4th, 5th and 6th grade classes in the church’s school.  He wants them to learn to do things the correct way!  This project has quite a bit of potential -- pray with us that it will be successful and the participants will be motivated to put into practice the new things they learn.

Tuesday, October 03, 2017

Hope for Kidz: It's Picture Time!

Did you know that the Hope for Kidz team here in Haiti is already working hard preparing for the 2018-19 school year? Yes, you read that right: 2018-19 is not a typo! Just last week the team started traveling to various schools to begin taking pictures of every child available to be sponsored for the next school year. The first round of picture taking will continue 4 days a week and last through the end of November.

Why start early for the next school year? While some school locations are close by, many others require hours of travel. Many of you know from experience the kinds of roads we travel to get to your sister church. It’s exhausting work just getting there! One of the main reasons to start early is that it takes time to enter each sponsored student’s new photo as well as update all the student information in our database. We currently have about 3,200 kids in the program, so this takes a lot of time. Taking photos in the fall also gives us an opportunity to check in on each sponsored child and make sure they are attending class. In a few months, the team will head out again for round two of photos, to get students missed the first time around or add new students as US churches request them.

Our HFKz Haiti staff is well prepared as they travel to each school. The travel bin is stocked with all the paperwork necessary to take photos of the right kids for that week, including names, ID numbers and grade levels of each sponsored child, last year’s photos for comparison, and new applications for the US churches that are ready to take on new sponsorships. Once they arrive at the school, they line up the sponsored kids in each grade level and get to work. The team works hard to get the kids to smile or laugh, but it’s not always an easy task! These kids see the opportunity to be sponsored for school as a very serious endeavor.

I think the best part of picture taking time is gifting each sponsored child with their photo from last year! For many of them, it is the only photo they will have of themselves. You can tell by the way they receive and look at the photo that it’s a gift they treasure. As the kids lined up for photos, it struck me that just this simple task of taking pictures brings hope to each child; hope for their future and knowledge that there are others who love and care about them and their education.

If you sponsor a child through RMI’s Hope for Kidz Program, thank you! You are truly changing a child’s life!

Monday, September 25, 2017

Photo Update from RMI...

from Reciprocal Ministries International

Photo Update from RMI...

After a "Hurricane Irma hiatus", we're glad to get back to our Haitian proverb posts. Today's Haitian proverb: Avan ou monte bwa, gade si ou ka desann li. Translation: Before you climb a tree, look to see if you can climb down. Meaning: Make sure you know what you’re getting into. Our American proverb, "Look before you leap" has much the same meaning.

from Reciprocal Ministries International

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Photo Update from RMI...

Anpil men chay pa lou. (Many hands make light work.) Calvary Bible Fellowship (PA) serving alongside Vieux Bourg and Mouillage Fouquet churches in Haiti one more day this week.

from Reciprocal Ministries International

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Photo Update from RMI...

Today, Calvary Bible Fellowship (PA) is learning to tie rebar in preparation for the concrete to be poured at the Mouillage Fouquet church.

from Reciprocal Ministries International

Photo Update from RMI...

The RMI International Office is open! As you know, Hurricane Irma came ashore in Southwest Florida in Naples before veering eastward. This took it directly over Lehigh Acres, where the RMI International Office is located. Due to its size and path, we knew well in advance and were able to prepare for Irma's arrival. We're thankful that the office building held firm and stayed intact but the office did sustain some damage from water that got into one area. That carpet will need to be replaced as will some of the drywall and baseboards. The area and roads around the office were flooded and we lost water, power, and internet. The water receded after 3 days and the power, water and internet were restored last Friday. The office is now open and operating as normal.

The RMI staff are all safe. Many of the staff homes were surrounded by flood waters but none had water come inside. All lost power and water service for several days. As of this past weekend, all but one home have had water and power restored. Every single staff home has sustained some damage, including trees down, landscaping shredded, screens ripped out, roof and gutter damage, fences down and a whole host of other issues. There is quite a bit of cleanup to care for in putting our homes and communities back in order.

If you would like to help with Hurricane Irma Recovery and want to be assured of the help actually getting to those that need it, please consider donating through RMI. There are thousands of people in the Ft. Myers and Lehigh Acres area that are dealing with the flooding and partial or complete loss of their homes. As a part of our community, RMI is wanting to help out with some of those needs. Would you consider helping RMI help those around us? Donate HERE.

[This is looking down Lee Street. RMI is located about halfway down the block on the left. This was taken 3 days after the hurricane.]

from Reciprocal Ministries International

Monday, September 18, 2017

Photo Update from RMI...

Ministry takes on many forms today. One group from Calvary Bible Fellowship (PA) is helping to build a church for the people of Mouillage Fouquet.

from Reciprocal Ministries International

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Photo Update from RMI...

The Word of God is powerful in any language! Thank you, Pastor Wayne and Calvary Bible Fellowship (Sinking Spring, PA), for sharing with Vieux Bourg Church this morning.

from Reciprocal Ministries International

Saturday, September 16, 2017

Photo Update from RMI...

Calvary Bible Fellowship from Sinking Spring, PA started their morning by loading and delivering goats to their sister church, Vieux Bourg.

from Reciprocal Ministries International

Friday, September 15, 2017

Photo Update from RMI...

Orientation tonight with our first team of the fall. Calvary Bible Fellowship, PA, on their way to Vieux Bourg. Can't wait to see what God is going to do. What's your favorite memory from orientation? #rmihaiti Photo Credit: Marc Fraser

from Reciprocal Ministries International

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Photo Update from RMI...

Team coming on Friday... this means RMI Missionary Lee Nunemaker and the Church Partnership's team are HARD at work preparing. Thanks for ALL you do! #rmihaiti

from Reciprocal Ministries International