Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Celebrating What God’s Done Through RMI in Haiti in 2011

Kim Rose, Vice President of RMI, made a visit to Haiti last week. He spent much of his time in meetings with different organizations in both Port au Prince and Cayes discussing ideas and future opportunities. While in Cayes, he took the opportunity to meet with all the RMI staff, both Missionary and National, to celebrate all the of accomplishments of the past year.

Kim sharing his excitement with the staff.kim3
Benjamin, Serge, and Jean Claude with Gary and Marilyn in the background.
All staff members were present for this meeting and as we’re often so busy and in so many places, it was exciting to see the whole team together!

Did you know that in 2011 RMI:

  • Hosted 19 Missionary Short Term Teams
  • Rejoiced in more than 175 Salvations
  • Delivered 1340ft Shipping Containers of Supplies
  • Distributed over 67 Tons of Food (822,672 Meals)
  • Built 59 Homes for Earthquake Displaced Families
  • Enabled 1723 Children to Get a Christ Centered Education through Hope for Kidz
  • Provided approximately 2600 Children a Daily Hot Lunch at School through Hope for Kidz
  • Facilitated near constant oversight and accountability through church and school visits
  • Hosted more than 20 Open Air Evangelistic Services
  • Employed over 35 Haitian People
  • Facilitated in excess of $104,000 of Projects (Bibles, Songbooks, Schools Buildings, Church Buildings) and
  • The RMI Haiti team is better organized, more efficient, more accountable, working with a higher capacity and therefore more effective in all the work that has been accomplished.

We thank God that He has enabled us to accomplish what He has called us to do! To God be the glory!

A New Porch!

We’d been waiting for months for the opportunity to resurface and reroof the back patio at the Guest House. The thatches leaked and needed replacing and the way the poles were situated it was always a struggle to find a way to set up the tables so that they weren’t in the sun. And any time it rained it, eating outside wasn’t an option. But thanks to God, our wishes have been granted! Wilfrid and a team of workers worked hard tearing up the original concrete pad and removing the old straw thatches and all the poles. They then poured the concrete to create one level surface, relocated the poles to create a more logistically friendly layout and covered it with one solid roof. They added lights and wired it for fans. Now we are able to use the outside patio rain or shine and while it was long awaited, the wait was worth it!

new porch collage

We are so thankful that the project was completed and we’re looking forward to many great team meals out under its cover!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Feeding Haiti… One Hot Meal at a Time

6060824833_e06461ff39_o“But when you give a feast, invite the poor” – Luke 14:13a

It’s no great secret that Jesus has a heart for feeding and caring for the poor. He both talked about it and demonstrated it on more than one occasion. He instructed a rich young ruler to go and sell all he had and give his money to those less fortunate. He equated feeding the least of His brothers and sisters with the same importance as feeding Him, the King of the Universe. With that in mind, we at RMI would like to thank you, our supporters, for helping us to feed Jesus’ beloved in Haiti…one hot meal at a time.

In 2010 RMI asked each Hope for Kidz sponsor to increase their donation by $50 each year in order to help us feed children in Haiti through the creation of a Hot Lunch Program. Through these additional funds, it is our privilege to report that within just one short year, 431,856 hot meals have been distributed! This school year, children in 12 schools will be receiving one of these meals each and every day. For many of them, this will be the only meal they will eat.

DSCF9762Following the massive crop destruction in November of last year, RMI founded the Food for Haiti program. We asked for donations in $25 increments to help feed families that were in desperate need of food. Less than one year later, 390,816 meals have been distributed.

Yes, you read that right. In approximately one year, RMI has distributed 822,672 hot meals. And…we aren’t finished yet. Another container of food is already on its way to Haiti!

As we prepare for Thanksgiving and the giant feast that has become synonymous with that term, remember…there are several thousand formerly hungry people in Haiti who would list you among their list of blessings.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Charity Softball Tournament raises money for RMI

Special thanks to Angie Becker and the team from Turtle Shirts for raising $300 in their Charity Softball Tournament to benefit RMI. glove&ball2

The tournament took place in Ft. Myers, FL on Saturday, November 19.

And Angie isn't stopping there! She's already working to get another one on the books for 2012! Way to go Angie!

For more information about Turtle Shirts or their charity softball tournaments, visit www.myturtleshirts.com.

Monday, November 21, 2011

2 Haiti missionary kids–years later

What are these 2 Haiti missionary kids doing together after all these years later? IMG_2124

RMI President, Dan Shoemaker (on the right) and David Uttley (Luminescent Images) on the left, grew up together in Cayes, Haiti in the 1960’s as missionary kids. We can’t resist….here is a “blast from the past” picture.

David Uttley and Dan in late 1960's

David is the one in the middle on the left hand motorcycle and Dan is the one in the middle on the right hand motorcycle. The photo is from the late ‘60’s. His family actually lived in the house that would eventually become our home during our 25 years there!

Flash forward to 2011…David is a freelance photographer who shoots photography & video for missions and ministries. He has been working with RMI for the past couple of years. You’ve seen his work on our website, in our publications, on this blog and it is his pictures that are on the RMI notecards “The Faces of Haiti”. His work has been top notch and we are so excited to have his expertise, talent and knowledge available to us!

David came by the RMI office for a day this week while he was in Southwest Florida visiting his mom for Thanksgiving. It was fun having him in the area, and helpful to talk through some of the projects he has in the pipeline for RMI. We appreciate you, David!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The fall issue of theBridge is out!

What’s up with Jules? What’s the latest on RMI’s projects, ministries and missionaries? Which US church was spotlighted in this issue? How can RMI use you? What is the Starfish Strategy and how does it affect Sister Church Partnerships? And what on earth does “Sot pa touye ou, men li va fe ou swe” mean?!

You can find out the answers to these questions and much more information in the newest issue of theBridge.

Front page

Check it out HERE. It is double the size this time and bursting with all kinds of exciting things!

If you did not receive one and would like to be on RMI’s mailing list, you can sign up HERE. Email Debbie Shoemaker at debbie.shoemaker@rminet.org if you’d like a copy of this current issue, or would like multiple copies to share RMI’s ministries. We have plenty to share!

Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Welcome to the World Litte Guys!

Congrats to Benjamin and Lucette Altema on the birth of two beautiful, HEALTHY twin boys, Jaden Benjamin Altema and Jason Benjamin Altema! The boys were born early Saturday morning at 1:35am(Jaden) and 1:40am (Jason). Jaden was born weighing 4 lbs and Jason weighed in at 5lbs. Both mom and babies are healthy and doing well! And daddy couldn’t be happier!!

mama and daddy

A few more pictures of the happy family and babies can be viewed here.

Tuesday, November 01, 2011

The RMI Family Continues to Grow!


Many of you have gotten to know and love Perguens Hyppolite as he has traveled with many of our teams as a translator. He has always done a great job translating and everyone loves him!

While he was often hired as one of our translators he was not on staff with RMI full time. However, we are now excited to welcome him to the RMI family as a full time staff member. He will continue to travel out with teams as a translator but he will also have additional administrative responsibilities in the office and will work closely along side Benjamin.

Here’s a little bit abut Perguens: He writes:

I grew up in the Simon area in Cayes. I have one brother and one sister and I am the youngest of the three. I participated in a three year program of study which included agriculture, veterinary studies, and theology and I just graduated in January. In my free time I enjoy playing basketball and I love to study the word of God. I love Jesus and I love to sing.

Now I am working with RMI and I love my job very much. I love the job because it a way to serve my brothers and sisters. In my work, I am learning what the word ‘team’ truly means because I see that in RMI we work together side by side as a team and I am excited to see how this is happening. When I go out with a Sister Church team I always try to seize the opportunity to share the gospel with those I meet. It’s such a blessing for me to do what I am doing with RMI. God has commanded us to love one another and I am thankful that He has given me the chance to do that through the work RMI has given me to do. I would like to leave with you my favorite scripture, James 1:12, Blessed is the man who endures temptation; for when he has been approved, he will receive the crown of life which the Lord has promised to those who love him.

We are thankful that God has sent Perguens to us and we are happy to have him as part of the team!

The Faces of Haiti

We are excited to let you know that "The Faces of Haiti" note cards have arrived and are now available! Photographer, David Uttley, (luminescentimages.com) has done an outstanding job of capturing candid, expressive and insightful shots of the many faces of the people of Haiti. His use of vibrant colors has made this a truly exceptional and unique collection.

73350 RMI Thumbnail Card.indd

73350 RMI Thumbnail Card.indd

We are pleased to feature his heartfelt photographs in this 12 pack of 3” X 5” notecards. The pictures will bring back the sights, sounds, smells and great memories for Haiti alumni. Those who have a heart for Haiti but haven't been able to go will enjoy the insight into Haitian life that these cards give.

They are great for personal correspondence, but also are perfect for framing. Please let your church, Sunday School classes, small groups and Haiti alumni know that they are available.

Each pack of cards is $12. All proceeds from the cards benefit the ongoing ministry of RMI. Contact Debbie Shoemaker at debbie.shoemaker@rminet.org to order your cards today!! Spread the word about "The Faces of Haiti". Help us get the Sister Church Partnerships and the ministries of RMI known!