Tuesday, January 29, 2013

RMI’s 2012 Report Card–Exciting Stuff!

A bit belated, but we wanted to make sure that even though this was sent via snail mail, that it get posted for those of you who did not have the chance to see it.

As you look back at 2012, what do you see?  Triumphs?  Challenges?  Hard times?  Celebrations?  We here at RMI see many of the same things.  As a friend and partner of RMI, we thought you’d like to see our reasons for celebrating.  In 2012 we’ve seen...

1 church building built expanding the ministry of that congregation

1 Global Leadership Summit providing leadership development for 80 Sister Church leaders as well as 120 other leaders

2 Global Leadership Summit follow-up seminars enabling 30 leaders to bring leadership principles into a Haitian context

2 school classrooms built facilitating the schooling of another 80 children

3 new missionary couples accepted and now raising support - a real affirmation from God of RMI’s ministry!

4 new Sister Churches joined the Sister Church Program - exciting growth and another affirmation from God of RMI’s ministry!

4 generators given to churches enabling them to be a “beacon shining on a hilltop”, drawing people to hear the Gospel

5 motorcycles given to pastors to enhance their ability to minister to their own congregations and their satellite churches

9 RMI related visits/trips (Dan or Kim to the field, Rob, Benjamin or Benson to the US) for strategy and planning

14 homes built (90 total so far since the January 2010 earthquake and 10 more on the way to Haiti)

15 school chalkboards built to facilitate the education of hundreds of kids

16 hospitality events/retreats held at RMI facilities (Retreat Center at Zanglais and the RMI Guesthouse)

25 goats distributed to encourage the sustainability of families

28 open air evangelistic services sharing the Gospel in powerful ways to thousands of people

30 teams engaged with their Sister Churches, developing relationships and transforming lives in the church and community

45 water purification systems installed to help with the prevention of cholera and other water-borne diseases

51 salvations as a direct result of our teams’ engagement in the communities

120 Hope for Kidz school accountability/oversight visits made to assure that funds and schools are operating properly

138 church or school benches built enabling kids and adults to grow both in church and in school

241 US team members visited Haiti coming home transformed by their experiences and encounters they had in Haiti

717 Bibles distributed to enable believers to grow in their knowledge of who Christ is and how they can grow in Him

2,105 children sponsored for the 2011/2012 school year providing real hope for their future

3,257 children eating a hot lunch every day (this is its 3rd year of operation) providing nourishment for hungry school kids

88 tons of food (741,456 meals) distributed, this includes the Hot Lunch Program and Food for Haiti distributions

Isn’t this amazing? When we look at this, we see an awesome God. These accomplishments are because of God’s grace and blessing on RMI. Amidst our joy is a deep concern. RMI has not been immune to this recession. The concern that we have is for RMI’s General Operations. It’s the part of RMI that most people don’t see. But paying rent, staff, electricity, phones, postage, printing and all the behind the scenes details are vital to keep the rest of RMI moving forward. Would you be a part of enabling us to start the year strong? Would you consider a special gift for RMI’s General Operations today? You can make this happen right now HERE.

Transforming lives together,


Dan Shoemaker


Wednesday, January 02, 2013

New Year of Ministry

We here at RMI are ready to take on a new year of ministry!
 RMI is ready for the new year 2013 with names

Yes there will be challenges, disappointments, victories and probably more changes than a person would care to think of (some exciting, some not - some we know of and some we don't---but that is the way life is!)!  However, one thing we know for sure...God is good and He is sovereign.

It is our hearts’ desire is to see lives transformed, both Haitian and American.  God enabled us to see so many lives touched last year spiritually, emotionally, and physically. The transformative gospel is alive and well, and we thank God that He has allowed RMI to be a part of what He is doing in this world.

As we look to 2013, would you join us in prayer:

For good spiritual health for all of our staff

For good physical health for all of our staff – they work long hard hours…

For the finding/hiring of additional staff in Haiti as well as here in the Ft. Myers office...

That Greg and Star Harvie and Lee and Tina Nunemaker (and family) will see enough funds come in that they are able to be in Haiti by the end of the year – they are badly needed there…

For 10-15 new Sister Churches…

For the plans, funds and teams to be in place by the end of the year to begin the construction of the new RMI Haiti Ministry Center (more information will be coming about this soon!)…

For increased funding for RMI’s ministry! God is moving RMI forward on so many levels but we need the funding to continue to accomplish all these things. 

We count on your partnership in prayer!  We know that we cannot carry this ministry without God’s blessing and help.  Thank you for your involvement with us.

Help us transform lives and make an eternal impact with RMI in 2013!