Tuesday, August 30, 2016

It’s Back to School Time in Haiti, too

Back to school is in full swing in the US now.  It is also in full swing in Haiti.  Education, while taken as an expected right here, is a privilege in Haiti.  It can be the difference in being able to have a better life for Haitian children and their families.  RMI is impacting 2,000+ children in southern Haiti through its Hope for Kidz Child Sponsorship Program.  Are you sponsoring a child?

David Uttley 6 (2)What does a Hope for Kidz sponsorship provide?
•  Access to a quality Christian education
•  All necessary uniforms and school supplies
•  Continued expansion of the Hot Lunch Program (now feeding 5,500 children daily in 19 select schools)
•  Annual De-Worming and Prevention Education Program in all Hope for Kidz schools (17,000+ receiving the medication)
•  An Emergency Major Medical Needs Fund
•  Teacher enrichment and much more

What are the benefits to sponsors?
•  An annually updated picture and brief profile of your child
•  The opportunity to send and receive 1-2 letters each year from your child
•  Accountability - including frequent visits from RMI staff to your child’s school to check the facilities and curriculum, get updated pictures, confirm your child’s attendance, and assess his or her academic performancekindergarten class with food

You can be a change agent in a child’s life!  Now is the time to renew your sponsorship of your child if you haven’t already done it.  If you aren’t supporting a child now is time to take up the challenge to impact a Haitian child’s life.  Sponsor a child through RMI’s Hope for Kidz child sponsorship program.  Sponsorship is only $28 a month or $336 for the entire year.  Donate online HERE.  Don’t delay because like we said...it’s back to school time!

Monday, August 22, 2016

Update on Becky Thompson

After innumerable doctor visits, a second opinion, tests and more tests, Becky’s surgery took place on the morning of August 18, last Thursday.  All went as planned and the doctors were pleased with how it went.  Becky was release the next afternoon to begin her recovery at home.  The pathology reports will help the doctors know the next steps and the extent of her chemo and radiation treatments.  The Thompsons have definitely felt and appreciated everyone’s prayers.  Thank you!! 

Please focus your prayers now on….

  1. Becky’s recovery in the next month before she is scheduled to start chemo.
  2. Rob as he is now filling the “mom” role as well as dad to Drew, Tessa and Braden.
  3. The 3 kids as they start a new school in very different circumstances than they are used to.
  4. Rob as he continues to work for RMI from a distance. 

Thompson family on vacation before surgery July 2016God has graciously supplied many things they needed…a home, furnishing for that home, a vehicle, a good Christian school and some good family times (see the smiling faces in that picture!) with both sides of the family.

For further updates, follow them on their Facebook pages or via their blog HERE.

Tuesday, August 02, 2016

What do Missionaries do during the Summer?

Summer means home assignment for many missionaries.  This month finds all 4 RMI missionary families in the US for home assignment of varying lengths of time.  This time entails a mix of annual doctor visits, travel, spending time with family, friends and supporters, ministry and vacation.   After a jam packed schedule and intense activity/ministry since the first of the year, they all deserve some time to relax, re-group and reconnect with family, friends and supporters.  Here’s the latest on each of our families.

Thompson family 2016The Rob Thompson Family - Rob and Becky Thompson received some very difficult news shortly after arriving in the US in June.  A routine exam showed that Becky has breast cancer.  A flurry of tests, doctor appointments, surgery, chemo and radiation treatments and recovery have replaced their planned visits to supporters and friends in the NJ and Chicago areas.  They are living in a home provided by a supporting church in NJ and will spend a year there as they attend to Becky’s health.  The cancer is classified as 2a and her prognosis is good, which is encouraging to them.  Before Becky’s surgery (currently scheduled on August 12) and in between doctor visits they are getting in as much family time as possible.  They are planning on putting the kids in a local Christian school for the coming year.  Many other details remain to be worked out.  Rob will still be working for RMI and they’ll still be on a support basis.  Pray for them during this trying, difficult time.  Pray that their support will remain steady...and that the additional funds they need for Becky’s medical treatments and the kids’ schooling  will be supplied.  This hasn’t caught God by surprise and they are confident in God’s supply.  You can connect with them via their Facebook pages and their blog at www.robandbecky.blogspot.com.

Harvie from webThe Greg Harvie Family - Greg and Star Harvie are in the US from mid-July to mid-September.  Their daughter, Jessica, met them in Florida when they arrived.  Star flew to Chicago to spend a week with their grandson (and daughter and son-in-law too).  Greg had a motorcycle in Florida and he and Jessica took several days driving it to Chicago where they met up with Star and the rest of the family.  Family time is one specific goal of their furlough.  They’ll be sharing their ministry with churches in the Chicago area and their home area in Nebraska.  Another goal is to raise additional support funds since their account is very low.  Pray that they’ll have good contacts and these funds are raised.  Keep in touch with them through their Facebook pages and  their blog at www.gregstarharvie.blogspot.com.

Prayer Card 2015The Nunemaker Family - Lee and Tina Nunemaker’s home assignment is being spent in their home area in Pennsylvania.  They are staying with Lee’s parents and will be visiting their supporters, friends and family.  They’ll also be sharing their ministry with their supporting churches.  Family time and vacation will take up a part of their time.  Their support is very low and raising it up will be another major objective for them during this time in the US.  Pray for them for refreshment, renewal and for the Lord’s supply of these support funds.  The end of August is their return date.  They have a new newsletter out which can be found on their blog at  www.thehaiticonnection.blogspot.com.  You can connect with them on their Facebook pages, too.

July 7, 2016The Joel Sutton Family - Joel and Laura Sutton are visiting their family and friends in West Virginia and Florida.  They will also share their ministry in several supporting churches.  Some country quiet is something they’ve been looking forward to since their home in Haiti is located in a somewhat noisy village just 2-3 minutes from the mission center.  They want to catch up and spend some time with their many grandchildren. Support raising is another priority for them since their account is very low. They’ll return to Haiti at the beginning of September.  You can keep in touch with them through their Facebook pages and their blog at www.lbjtsutton.blogspot.com.