Tuesday, August 30, 2016

It’s Back to School Time in Haiti, too

Back to school is in full swing in the US now.  It is also in full swing in Haiti.  Education, while taken as an expected right here, is a privilege in Haiti.  It can be the difference in being able to have a better life for Haitian children and their families.  RMI is impacting 2,000+ children in southern Haiti through its Hope for Kidz Child Sponsorship Program.  Are you sponsoring a child?

David Uttley 6 (2)What does a Hope for Kidz sponsorship provide?
•  Access to a quality Christian education
•  All necessary uniforms and school supplies
•  Continued expansion of the Hot Lunch Program (now feeding 5,500 children daily in 19 select schools)
•  Annual De-Worming and Prevention Education Program in all Hope for Kidz schools (17,000+ receiving the medication)
•  An Emergency Major Medical Needs Fund
•  Teacher enrichment and much more

What are the benefits to sponsors?
•  An annually updated picture and brief profile of your child
•  The opportunity to send and receive 1-2 letters each year from your child
•  Accountability - including frequent visits from RMI staff to your child’s school to check the facilities and curriculum, get updated pictures, confirm your child’s attendance, and assess his or her academic performancekindergarten class with food

You can be a change agent in a child’s life!  Now is the time to renew your sponsorship of your child if you haven’t already done it.  If you aren’t supporting a child now is time to take up the challenge to impact a Haitian child’s life.  Sponsor a child through RMI’s Hope for Kidz child sponsorship program.  Sponsorship is only $28 a month or $336 for the entire year.  Donate online HERE.  Don’t delay because like we said...it’s back to school time!

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