Thursday, September 01, 2016

Becky and Kendall went to Haiti

July 2016 6Becky Rose (left) and Kendall Kehres (right), friends who are both from Crossroads Community Church, Doylestown, Ohio, joined the RMI team in Haiti for almost seven weeks as interns this summer. Their first weeks were full of visits to a number of ministries in the Les Cayes area. We spent time visiting a deaf school, orphanage, Maranatha School of Simon, Cite Lumiere Christian School, observing life skill training for some blind students, helping in the library of the American University in Cayes, along with some others. It was great for all of us to get a better look at the community in which we serve and the many needs that are being attended to by our friends and partners in ministry.

Becky and Kendall brought new life and excitement to our team as they connected with our Haitian and American staff with new vigor and enthusiasm at a time when many on our team were becoming tired from the busy schedule of our team season. It was an incredible blessing to have them add new energy to our lives, just when we needed it most. They were a huge help in connecting with teams and helping in the behind-the-scenes preparations that makes team visits with their sister churches run smoothly.

July 2016Both young ladies were actively involved in the day to day events and challenges of the RMI schedule. They spent some days interviewing the RMI staff for some new mini bios that you will eventually be seeing on the RMI website. They spent a day sorting through medical supplies in preparation for them to be sent to one of our local hospitals. Teaching Bible lessons and spending time with the children at the orphanage in Simon and at the Maranatha School of Simon were among some of their favorite activities.

In addition to their opportunities to minister with teams, RMI staff, and the Haitian communities; Becky and Kendall also spent some time reading several books focusing on the history of missions work in the Cayes area and around the world, to give them a better understanding of what Becky Rose and  Kendall Kehres July 2016life as a missionary really looks like for the long-term. They had several opportunities to interview the missionaries living in our missionary community, as well.

Kendall and Becky were a joy to work with throughout the summer weeks that they were with us. It was clear that God had them with us for those weeks, when He knew that we would need their zest for life and willing helping hands of service.

Thank you, Kendall and Becky, for giving so freely and abundantly of your hands and heart for God’s Kingdom.

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