Monday, August 22, 2016

Update on Becky Thompson

After innumerable doctor visits, a second opinion, tests and more tests, Becky’s surgery took place on the morning of August 18, last Thursday.  All went as planned and the doctors were pleased with how it went.  Becky was release the next afternoon to begin her recovery at home.  The pathology reports will help the doctors know the next steps and the extent of her chemo and radiation treatments.  The Thompsons have definitely felt and appreciated everyone’s prayers.  Thank you!! 

Please focus your prayers now on….

  1. Becky’s recovery in the next month before she is scheduled to start chemo.
  2. Rob as he is now filling the “mom” role as well as dad to Drew, Tessa and Braden.
  3. The 3 kids as they start a new school in very different circumstances than they are used to.
  4. Rob as he continues to work for RMI from a distance. 

Thompson family on vacation before surgery July 2016God has graciously supplied many things they needed…a home, furnishing for that home, a vehicle, a good Christian school and some good family times (see the smiling faces in that picture!) with both sides of the family.

For further updates, follow them on their Facebook pages or via their blog HERE.

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