Wednesday, May 21, 2008

A Ray of Sunshine

In the midst of difficult times comes a ray of sunshine for our staff in Haiti. The long awaited truck arrived on the mission center Tuesday, May 20!

Pickup's arrival in Haiti May '08

It is a 2003 Ford F 250, 4WD. It was bought in Dallas, TX through funds raised for it. To get to Haiti from Dallas, it came across country to Orlando, Orlando to Ft. Myers, Ft. Myers to Miami, Miami to Port-au-Prince (via ship - and this leg took 2 months!), then Port to Cayes. It will carry 6 people and quite a bit of cargo. What a great help to the team there to have a reliable vehicle! The teams will enjoy better transportation accommodations and safety on the Haitian roads.

Thanks to all of you who gave toward this and prayed faithfully for it!

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