Thursday, September 25, 2008

Report: MEBSH Church at Baradere

September 25, 2008

The town of Baradere was totally flooded during the Hurricanes. We had about 4 feet of water inside the church. We housed many church members in the Parsonage because their homes were severely damaged by the Hurricanes.


· 25 damaged homes.

· 100 gardens washed away.

· 50 animals died.


· 1 church member died as a result of the hurricanes. His brother is a deacon in Baradere church.

· 6 damaged homes.

· 75 gardens washed away.

· 25 animals died.

Grand Boukan:

· 15 damaged homes.

· 15 gardens washed away.

· 20 animals died.

Riviere Salee:

· The church was severely damaged by the Hurricanes.

· 8 damaged homes.

· 13 animals died.

· 63 gardens washed away.

The main needs we have for the Baradere district are home repairs and food. Please pray for us as there is still water in the town.

Pastor Leon Bonhomme.

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