Saturday, September 27, 2008

Report: MEBSH Church at Morency

September 27, 2008

The road is very difficult to get to the village. We had built a new road but now it has been washed away. The front part of Morency church has a section that was damaged also. It was the same for the district churches too. Many church members lost their gardens, houses and animals. Here are the details for each church in the district.

Morency Church:

· 15 damaged homes.

· 12 animals died

· 18 gardens washed away.

Bonodo Church:

· 6 damaged homes.

· 5 animals died

· 9 gardens washed away.

Laurent Church:

· 5 damaged homes.

· 6 animals died.

· 14 gardens washed away.

Bergeaud Church:

· 10 damaged homes.

· 12 animals died.

· 10 gardens washed away.

The main needs we have for the Morency District are home repairs and food.

Pastor Jean Robert Brunache

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