Friday, September 26, 2008

Report: MEBSH Church at Cance

September 25, 2008

We had some damage in the district of Cance. Many of the church members lost their gardens and some animals. Praise the Lord there was no loss of life. This a general report of the details:

Cance Baptist Church:

· 5 damaged homes.

· 21 animals died.

· 20 gardens washed away.

Miserne Baptist Church:

· 3 damaged homes.

· 15 gardens washed away.

· 6 animals died.

Foge Baptist Church:

· 5 damaged homes.

· 35 gardens washed away.

· 20 animals died.

Barthe Baptist Church:

· The church was severely damaged by the Hurricanes as well as 6 church member's homes.

· 38 gardens washed away.

· 15 animals died.

The main needs we have in the Cance district are home repair and repair of the church at La Barthe.

Pastor Maxilorme Moise

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