Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Flood waters receding....but

I was glad to hear of the receding flood waters today. The rain has stopped for the moment in the Cayes area. The rivers are starting to go back to their banks. However, it is now raining in the mountains and more rain seems to be on the way as we look at the Caribbean Satellite view.

Several of our Haitian staff had water come into their homes, some over 3 feet deep. With no where to go as their neighbors are in the same situation, it means much loss of personal effects. What a tough place to be. As you have read below in other posts, the whole area has been inundated with flood waters.

So keep praying for our Christian brothers and sisters. Their misery is just starting as they try to salvage what they can from their homes, their crops and their animals. This is the situation for the ENTIRE country.

Pray for us as we figure out how best to provide avenues for you to help your sister churches and RMI in the midst of these difficult times in Haiti.

One of the biggest problems will be getting around as roads will be washed away, blocked by mud slides, high rivers, etc. What a mess it will be for a while.

Keep praying!

Dan Shoemaker

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