Friday, September 19, 2008

Report: MEBSH Church at Chambellan

September 19th, 2008

The town of Chambellan was severely touched by the different Hurricanes that flooded Haiti. Many church members lost their animals and gardens. Five people died in the town. There is a section of the road from Cayes to Jeremie that was washed out by the river water but we think that vehicles can still use it. Below are the details of the affected churches.

Chambellan church:

· 15 damaged houses.

· 2 houses that were destroyed.

· 5 people died in the town of Chambellan but there were no deaths in the church.

· Many church members lost their gardens and animals.

Source Chaude church:

· A section of the church was damaged.

· Two people died but none from the church.

· 5 damaged houses.

· 28 animals died.

· Many church members lost their gardens.

For Chainault church:

· 8 houses damaged.

· 2 houses destroyed.

· 16 animals died.

· The Church members lost all their gardens.

For Julie Church:

· 6 houses damaged.

· 2 houses were destroyed.

· 10 animals died.

· The Church members lost many of their gardens.

The most important needs we have for Chambellan district is food and home repairs.

Pastor Jean Benoit

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