Tuesday, September 02, 2008

An erased coastline

As Hurricane Gustav passed through Haiti, most of Recprocal Ministries Sister Churches seem to have been spared. There have been some reports of flooding and some livestock that has been killed. However I haven't heard anything of any deaths.
Gary McLaughlin took a trip out to Tiburon on Sunday with another missionary here on their motorcycles. Gary says that the trip was a very hard one because the road is simply gone in many places. The Haitians are very resilient when it comes to making things "sort of work". We don't know if the government will do anything to repair the roads before Crossroad United Methodist makes their trip in October, but if not we hope that the Haitian people can do something. I will keep posting updates as I receive them.This is one of the several rivers that we cross on the way to Tiburon.

This is a place where the mountain side has collapsed onto the road as a result of the heavy rains.


This is an area where the road collapsed. Notice to the right where the earth is eroded underneath the road. At this time it would be too dangerous to drive over this part of the road.

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