Thursday, September 25, 2008

Report MEBSH Church at Picot

We had a lot of damage in Picot and the district churches. We had some damage to the road that goes to the district churches. Here are the details for each church.

Picot Baptist Church:

· 35 damaged homes.

· 57 gardens washed away.

· 17 animals died. Praise the Lord there was no loss of life.

Laroche Baptist church:

· 42 damaged homes.

· 61 gardens washed away.

· About 20 animals died. No loss of life.

Les Rois Baptist church:

· 26 damaged homes,

· 39 gardens washed away and

· About 19 animals died.

Bouffard Baptist church:

· 24 damaged homes.

· 47 gardens washed away and

· 9 animals died. There was no loss of life.

The most important need we have for the district of Picot now is home repairs.

Pastor Calixte Dorval (MEBSH)

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