Wednesday, September 17, 2008

General Report from the MEBSH Church at Les Irois

The road from Les Cayes to Jeremie had some damage because the floods washed it away in some areas.

The MEBSH church at Les Irois has some leaks in the building and the outhouse is almost gone. We had 20 damaged homes. The members lost all their gardens and animals.

In the Mandou area 4 members' homes were damaged, 10 animals died, and all the gardens were washed away. The Parsonage at Mandou is very bad after the hurricanes. Praise the Lord they are working on the new parsonage.

In Kakas there were two members' homes that were destroyed, 5 damaged homes and 8 animals that died. All of their gardens were destroyed.

In the Miyonne area the church and the parsonage were totally destroyed. The floods totally washed the buildings away. The members had 16 damaged homes, 18 animals died, and all the gardens were washed away. Miyonne area is really in bad shape.

In Jorge, there were 19 damaged homes, 6 animals died and the gardens were washed totally away.

The greatest needs in the Les Irois district are home repairs and food.

Pastor Sainprival

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