Friday, September 26, 2008

Report MEBSH Church at Corail

September 30, 2008

The road from Cafou Charles to Corail has had a lot of damage because of the different Hurricanes that affected Haiti. At the Corail church we had a section of the new construction on the church building that was totally destroyed by the Hurricane. The town was flooded and many of the church members had a tough time. This is true for all the district churches also. Praise the Lord, there was no loss of life.

Corail Church:

· 3 damaged homes.

· 100 gardens washed away.

· 10 animals died.

Fond Bayard Church:

· The parsonage was severely damaged as well as 3 other church members homes.

· 20 gardens washed away.

· There was no loss of animals.

Timassette Church:

· 10 damaged homes.

· 33 gardens washed away.

· 16 goats died.

Fondicaque Church:

· 2 damaged homes.

· 17 animals died.

· 12 gardens washed away.

Marion Church:

· 2 damaged homes.

· 18 gardens washed away.

· 10 animals died.

The main needs we have for the Corail district are home repairs and food.

Pastor Predelma Dor

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