Sunday, September 21, 2008

Report: MEBSH Church at Astruck

September 21st, 2008

The hurricanes caused a lot damage on the road to Astruck. Praise the Lord we did not have any loss of life but many of the church members lost their gardens and animals. The details are below.

Astruct Baptist church:

· 8 damaged homes

· 23 gardens washed away.

· 5 animals died.

Morisseau Church:

· 3 damaged homes.

· 3 animals died

· 3 gardens washed away.

Moinson Baptist church:

· 4 animals died.

· Many gardens washed away.

· The road from Astruct to Morne Occo has been damaged.

Clery Baptist church:

· 1 home destroyed and 1 damaged.

· 3 animals died.

· The Church members lost all their gardens.

Ravine Sable Baptist church:

· 13 damaged homes.

· 2 animals died.

· 3 gardens washed away.

The main needs we have for the district now are home repairs and food.

Pastor Romelus Guillaume.

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