Tuesday, September 02, 2008

The worst flooding in many many years...

We just received the following email from Rod Wray.  The pictures were taken by Tim Wray.  The Wrays are fellow missionaries working in Haiti that live on the mission center with our RMI missionaries.

"Poor Haiti is really suffering this year, having been hit by Hurricane Fay, Hurricane Gustav and now by Hurricane Hannah.   All three of these storms have deposited a lot of rain, but over the past 12 hours Hannah has dumped so much rain on Haiti that people in our area are saying that this is the worst flooding that they can ever remember. 

These pictures are all courtesy of Tim Wray.

These are the corn fields down below our house


This is the college where we just poured the new sports courts.  You can see the volleyball nets in the background


hundreds and maybe thousands of homes are completely flooded


The flash floods came so fast that some people are stranded


Most all the main roads are flooded


The flood waters are almost flowing over  the bridge.


People were stranded at the half finished cement block house on the right


Even churches were not exempt.


A group of crazy guys out exploring during the flooding..


Please continue to pray for us and the people of Haiti.   So many people around us have no food, no dry clothes or shelter, and no charcoal dry charcoal to cook with."

bye for now,

Love Rod, Deb and gang

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