Monday, September 15, 2008

Introducing Pastor Saint Julien Hyppolte

September 15, 2008

From: Pastor Saint Julien Hyppolite

To: Calvary Baptist Church

The new Pastor at Dame-Marie is Pastor Saint Julien Hyppolite. He has been in Ministry for 19 years working with MEBSH churches. His recent church was near Bon Finn at Ka Mark where he spent 4 years. His wife's name is Magda Domnique Hyppolite and she is a servant of the Lord. She likes working with her husband in the Ministry. She teaches students how to cook and also teaches art work. They have eight (8) children, five (5) girls and three (3) boys. Four children are living with them in Dame Marie, three are in the Dominican Republic and one is in Port-au-Prince. They are grandparents to one grandson.

Pastor Saint Julien is very happy for his new assignment in Dame Marie that God has entrusted him. Pastor Saint Julien is happy to be a witness and obey God in whatever is asked of him. He has been at Dame Marie for a short while now and likes the town very much but realizes he has  a lot of work to do in the church. Please pray that he will be guided in how to lead the people of the MEBSH church in Dame Marie.

Pastor Saint Julien knows you are coming with a team in November and it looking forward to meeting you all and sharing a good time with you.

Report prepared by Benjamin Altima

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