Wednesday, September 03, 2008

The sun set...and we can see it!

After the craziness that was Hurricane Gustav, and then the surprise that was called Hanna, we have had a nice day. The temperature was warm and the humidity was high. We have a mission center and a steam bath, all in the same location.

We have had one problem. The pump that brings the water out of the well and up to the cistern for our houses went out. We have been trying to get it replaced for the last several days, but it's hard to get someone to work on the well while there is a tropical storm. The water quit about 6pm last night and it is now 6pm. The power just came on and I will go and check it out...well so far still no water. We are surviving by using water that we are trucking up from our depot in drums. It is a pain, but you do what you have to...especially when you want a cup of coffee in the morning.

I just looked at the radar and though it still shows Hanna lurking about and still sucking up moisture from the Caribbean we have somewhat of a sunset out to the west. However if you look to the North there are some strange cloud formations. Will it ever stop? Probably not, but then again we are just 'Tryin' to reason with hurricane season". Tune your guitar and play that one for me parrot heads.

Billy Moses

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