Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Port a Piment Letter

I received this letter fro the Port a Piment pastor.

From: Port-a-Piment Baptist Church.

To : Second Cape May Baptist, (USA).

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ.

In the name of the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, the deacons of our church here and I greet all of you.

We are very happy each time we have the opportunity to write you and share some information with you. We always pray for you that we will a good ministry together, because we have one purpose. That purpose is to work for the kingdom of God.

Last week we had "Hurricane Gustav" here in Haiti. We praise the Lord that there was no loss of life. However, many of our church members lost their animals and their gardens. Please pray for them.

I don't really have enough words to thank you for your help and your support. Also thank you very much for the recent gift you sent for us here. The Pastors of the district churches are very happy for that and they say thank you very much.

May the Lord who has all the power bless you more everyday and give you good health and protection.

Once again thank you very much.

Pastor Yvon Vertue

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