Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Where's the Ark?

Here are some pictures that we took this morning as we floated around town. Someone told me that Noah passed by Cayes this morning but was afraid to stop.


La Ravine - River close to our house. Normally this is a gully about 35 - 40 feet deep.


Another shot of the same river.

Cimg6338 CIMG6337


The situation of flooded homes.


An area where a road/river and a river meet.


Carrfou Simon where you turn onto the main road to go to town.


One of the houses in the community of Simon near our homes.


The road through the community of Simon.

Please pray for us and the Haitian people as we ride out Hanna and prepare for Ike and Josephine out in the Atlantic. It looks like it will be a wet September.

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