Thursday, August 28, 2008

Waiting for Reports from Churches!

Good soggy morning,

After boarding up windows, stocking up on food and fuel, and preparing water jugs because Hurricane Gustav was bearing down on us, the hurricane turned north and went over the island about 40 miles east of us. I think I’ve heard that the southwest side of a hurricane is the mildest. I’m not sure where I heard that, but it sure proved true for Gustav. About 7:30 pm last night (Tuesday night) a gentle summer shower began. It kept up all night and this morning at 8:38 it is still raining. Not a hard driving rain, but just a gentle steady shower. I’ve read that in other parts of the country there have been mudslides and flooding. However, God spared us. Thank you for your prayers. I will be trying to get reports from the sister churches today and I will post them on the RMI blog spot when I do.

We have a couple of systems out in the Atlantic that have the potential to cause problems. A good website to view tropical activity is

We have heard that Baradere was hit hard by flooding, but we are still waiting for final reports for that and other districts. Please continue to check here for updates.

Please continue to pray for us and for the Haitian people.

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