Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Jenn has broken her foot!

Haiti missionary, Jenn Rogan,Jenn Rogan Picture fell on her motorcycle yesterday afternoon.  She injured her right foot just a bit.  She knew her foot hurt, but it wasn’t until later that it started swelling.  They put ice on it throughout the evening.  This morning she went to the clinic for x-rays and it showed a small fracture in a small bone just below her ankle, in her foot.  She is in a cast and finding it very frustrating to be on crutches.  She’s unable to drive anything (motorcycle or car).  Dr. Bill, the director of the clinic (who comes in once a month for a week), is coming tomorrow, so she is going to ask him to look at the x-ray and see if he’ll approve of her being in a boot instead of a full cast.

Pray for her patience during this time.  She has a lot on her plate, plus the summer heat is stifling as usual – not the time to have to have a heavy cast.

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