Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Mailboat's in: Picot to Trinity

From: MEBSH Church at Picot, Haiti.
To: Trinity Bible Church, USA

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

The Christians in Picot Church greet all of you in the precious name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. This is my first letter to write you since you left us here after your last visit in Haiti. In the name of the communities of the church, in the name of the members, in the name of youth, the kids, and the ladies in the church we greet all of you again.

We say thanks to God for the good time he allowed us to have together during your last visit. We were very happy to see all of you during your visit. My family is doing very well and I want to let you know that my first daughter who was married last December is now pregnant. The students are in vacation now and we are going to have the Vacation Bible School with all them. God blessed us this year because we had a good rainy season and the farmers planted gardens to take of their families. As you know life is very difficult here in Haiti but God has an special way to take care of His children.

All the members in Picot church say thank you for the generator, the sound system and the money for helping the families in the church. We shared with 91 families and 27 other people that were very much in need. They were very happy to receive the support and they are praying for you all the time and asking God to bless your church.

Our activities are going very well for the district. We always have service every Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday. All the groups are working very well and they want you please to pray for them so that God can give them strength to do his work until he comes to take them with him to Heaven. We had a convention for the members where 335 members participated. We had some nice worship service and some good speakers that were there to share the spiritual food with us.

I am working on four new rooms on the parsonage. Please pray for us that God will provide. This year again we had two ceremonies of graduation. One is for the Kindergarten and the other one is for the young ladies that were in the sowing school (Center). Every year we had Vacation Bible School with Kids, so this year again from July 7th to July 13th we are going to have VBS for all the kids in the district. Please pray for us so that we can have a good time with kids.

Please pray also for Elliassaint family because Brother Tiyel was an old deacon in the church but unfortunately he died.

Finally, I want you please to pray for all the Christians in Picot Church and once again thank you for everything you have done for Picot church.

May God bless your church abundantly!

For the committee:

Pastort Calixte Dorval
Brother Amos Dorvil
Brother Andre vessano
Brother Esleve Nadin

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