Saturday, August 16, 2008

Tropical Update

Wow, what fun it is to be home. We have intermitten electricity, high cost of electricity (so no A/C during the day and only sometimes at night), high temps during the day, high humidity, and Tropical Storm Fay. Stll it's good to be home.

When we woke today, there was a little rain, and cloudy skies. We decided to take a quick trip into town to get the necessary ingredients for our Haiti Dominoes Pizza. (That is pizza that you make yourself) After about 15 minutes in town the bottom fell out. Suddenly all the little motorcycles, and people walking and much of the car traffic was gone. It has now been raining HARD for about 3 hours with no sign of letting up. In fact all the satellite services are gone as there is more cloud than signal. I had to wait until our internet came up before I could post this blog. How do you know you are in Haiti? When you are driving in a torrential rainstorm and you see a guy soaking wet, walking down the street with a turkey under his arm.

The weather channel says that we will have this for another 24 hours or so. We pray that there is not much flooding. However, when we were driving through the little village near our home, the road was already running like a small river. At least we are having a break in the heat.

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