Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Chambellan to Crossroads

From: M.E.B.S.H. Church at Chambellan
To : Crossroad Bible Church (Texas).

Dear Brothers and Sisters.

I greet you in the name of the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. How are you doing my dear beloved? I hope that everything is going very well for you and your church.

The reason I write this letter to you is thanks you for your help and your support for Chambellan church. Praise the Lord my family is doing very well but we are very sad to hear that you cannot come here to visit us this year. Your visit is very important for us because when you come here; it's a blessing for all the Christians here in Chambellan Church.

Our activities are going very well here. We had a very good conference service during the Easter season. Many Christians from all the churches in the district came to worship and praise God with us. We always have a Bible study here in our church with the Kids and they are always so interested to learn the word of God. We pray all the time for our sister church in Texas and I believe that God will watch over you. Thank you for all the financial help that you sent this year so that our kids can go school. We are very grateful for that.

Please, pray for the families in the church because they are facing difficult problems this year with food being very expensive it is hard to feed their children. A lot of them are very sick and many have already died. Please pray that God will lead our government with the destiny of this country.

May God richly bless your church and your family!

Pastor Jean Benoit

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