Thursday, August 28, 2008

Hope For Kidz - It's that time again!

September is upon us with kids groaning and parents giving a sigh of relief. School is gearing up for the Fall. Yes, even though they speak a different language and have their own unique culture, Haitian parents are the same as parents the world over. It is good to get the kids in school again and out from under our feet!

However, for many of those parents, that struggle that so many parents face has been relieved by our Hope For Kidz sponsors. Do you know what it is like when a huge financial burden is lifted from your shoulders by others? What a blessing! What a relief! What joy! Well, this is the type of reaction we get from the parents in Haiti as they learn that their child has been sponsored by a caring and loving brother or sister in Christ, here in the States.

The Hope For Kidz Coordinators in your church are working hard to see all the kids they have in hand get sponsored. What a way to impact kids, families, schools, churches, and indeed whole communities. As these kids get a Godly education, the long-term impact on their community can only be seen from a Heavenly perspective. Talk about a great return for a small investment in lives! Would you consider how you can help your Hope For Kidz coordinator spread this good news around? By sponsoring a child, and encouraging others to do so, you can not only impact a life, but a whole village.

Dan Shoemaker

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