Wednesday, July 25, 2007

New Letter from The Church at Tiburon

The following is a letter we recieved from the Church Committee at Tiburon.

From : Tiburon Baptist Church July1st, 2007
To : Crossroad United Methodist

Dear collaborators,

We greet you all in the precious name Jesus Christ. How are the pastors and all the members of your church doing?

We are doing fine here with Jesus Christ our Savior. The church activities are working well including the groups and the members of the church. In the school everything is working well because all the students passed the final exam. We end the year with a relaxing day where we met with all the students on a beach. We played together, we ate together, and we talked to them about the word of God. It was very excited for all the kids to be there. We want to take this opportunity to say thanks for all your help in order provide education in Haiti.

At the beginning of June we started working with the different construction projects we have here in the church. The Christians collaborated to help us with all the work. They carried sand, rocks, gravel and water. They have been very motivated to do their part in the work. We already finished laying the blocks, except for the very the front side of the church. We would like you to keep us in your prayer so that we can finish with all the work before you come in November.

I have left the front of the church because it is a really big project that will cost lot money. We have a technician who wants to start working on the electric project in the church. Once again we ask you to pray that God will supply the means to finish this project.

The Christians of Tiburon Baptist Church are praying for you everyday. They are looking forward to seeing you again. Also I would like to let you know that you are in the heart of our church. Thank you very much for all your help and your favor.
We send a lot of greeting to all the pastors, all the members, all the groups, and finally to all the kids of Cross Road Bible Church.

For the committee: Pastor Oland Lundy.
Deacon Ernest Berlus.
Deacon Ednol Moise.
Deacon Corila Romelus.
Deacon Daniel Cherisme
Deacon Ceromme Denize
Deacon Carilus Beaucejour.
Deacon Celeste Clairjou.

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