Tuesday, July 24, 2007

New Letter from The Church at Abricot

I received the following letter from Pastor Yves Remous at the Abricot Church.

From: Pastor Mathurin Yves Renous.
To: The sister church. Pastor Dee
Subject: Heartfelt Thanks

Dear brothers and sisters.
How are you doing? I hope you and your church are doing fine. I greet you in the precious name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I am very happy to write you these few lines to say thank you for all the support you gave us for the 25 kids in Abricot Church. All the parents send their best regards for that, and they say thank you very much also.

We keep you in our thoughts and prayers so that God can provide to you all that you need to take good care of yourself..

This year we have had a lot of rain in the Abricot area. As a result the mountain side collapsed and there has been no road for cars or motorcycles for 6 months. They have finally repaired the road now so it is getting better. Now cars and motorcycles can easily cross to town and we say thanks to God for that.

Thank you for the new generator that you sent for the church. I would like to inform you that, the church is working very well now. During the last 6 months we had 25 people that accepted Jesus as their savior and 17 people were baptized. 21 kids attended the official exam this year and we are waiting for the results.

We are praying for you and we hope to have you here in Abricot in October if God is willing. I hope you will keep us in your prayers.

Pastor Yves Remous.

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