Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Les Anglais Professional School

I received the following note from the committee for the professional school at Les Anglais. If you would like to help them out with the school, my suggestion is that you give to a professional school general fund in the same way that you give funds to the church general fund or the school general fund. We could set up this same type of fund for the high school also. I know they have asked for support of the highschool also. Please see the note below.



Last February 2007, all the pastors of the district of Les Anglais worked with Marc Dieussuel Jean Pierre Pastor of les Anglais Baptist Church The formed a committee for the Professional School of les Anglais. These committees are responsible to help the school work better in the community. The school has 1 year since it start working.

Here are the committee members:
1- Marc dieusseul Jean Pierre : President Les Anglais Baptist church.
2- Mr. Robert Telisca : President Les Anglais Baptist Church.
3- Ms. Esperance Dieusseul : V-President Chardinniere Baptist Chur ch. 4- Rev Jacques L Pascal : Secretary Chardoniere Baptist Church.
5- Rev Esbert Francois : 2cd Secretary Colse Baptist Church.
6- Rev Germeil Wilfrid : Treasurer Boco Baptist Church.
7- Rev Genais Desir : Member Bousquette Baptist Church.
8- Rev Berice Roberto : Member Berault Baptist Church.
9- Mr. Etolus Belgarde : Member Boco Baptist Church.
10- Mr. Mondesir Badieu. : Member Colse Baptist Church.
11- Mr. Beauzil Julio : Member Les Anglais’s Baptist Church.
12- Michel Emmanuel : Member Bousqettte Baptist Church.
13- Alcindor Dieufête : Director Les Anglais Baptist Church.

On April5th, 2007, the committee of the school met with the director Mr. Alcindor Dieufête for the first time to hear how the school is going so far. According to the director they had 16 students in the school. It was the Mason section. Each student has to pay $100 H for the entry fees and $40 H per month.

This year, we wish to add to more sections to the school. They will be Carpentry and Iron work that includes welding work. We gave out many applications in the community for those who are interested in going to school. So we hope we will have enough students to open the new sections. As you can understand the amount I received from the students isn’t enough to buy materials and pay teachers. So the committee of the School is counting on your prayers that God will help.

We will have 7 teachers for those 3 sections. We don’t know where we are going to find the money to start the school in September, but we would to open it anyway.

Thank you very much for your kind consideration.

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