Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Dame Marie Church letter

This is a letter I received from Pastor Mentor and the church members at the Dame Maire Baptist Church. Please share it with your members that are interested.

From: The Baptist Church at Dame-Marie

August7th, 2007

To: Rev. Guy Glass and all the members that were here with us in Dame-Marie last July.

Dear Pastor Glass.

All the members of The Dame-Marie Baptist Church, and all the deacons, the women groups, the staff of the teachers of the school of Dame-Marie joined together with me and my family to greet all of you in the precious name of our savior Lord Jesus Christ.

I hope that your trip back home to the State went well without any difficulty. I hope that all the members that were here with team in Dame-Marie returned to their families safely and with lot of joy. The days that we passed together here are still fresh in my mind. From all the community of Dame-Marie for good time of blessing we say thank you to God for that. I bless the name of the Lord because he gave you a sincere love and let you come here in Haiti for the spreading of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Thanks again to God who put in the heart of the members of Calvary Baptist to work in partnership with Dame-Marie church in Haiti as two sister churches. Keep praying for one another.

All the community of Dame-Marie Baptist church meet together to say thank you for all the gifts you brought for the church. The cookies that you left for the ladies have been received with a lot joy. The gifts that you gave to the widows were excellent and we will never forget that. Thank you for the sound system you gave for the church. We continue to pray for you and your church so that God will allow you accomplish the big project that you have of installing an elevator. As you know all the money, gold, and diamonds are God’s. I’m sure God is able to make this happen in His time.

My wife and I, and all the members of Dame-Marie Baptist Church are very happy to continue working with you in the relationship that God between both churches for the glory of the Lord. The deacons and the members are in prayer for the big project we have in front of us. I hope that God will provide money so we can begin building the new parsonage.

From August 19th to 26th we will have a week of evangelism in the community of Dame-Marie. We hope to win many souls for Jesus Christ. Finally I would like to ask you to say hello to your wife for me. I am looking forward to meeting her some day.

I send a greeting to all the brothers and sisters that were here with us last July. Dear Pastor Glass I charge you to greet for me all my brothers and sisters that I have met this year in Dame-Marie. At the end, I would like to ask you to pray for RMI board in Haiti especially, Director Billy Moses, Jules Gedna and Pastor Jean Chery so that they work together in love and patient for the glory of God. We hope that brother Daniel Shoemaker will continue to work under the power of God for the promotion of the Gospel of Jesus Christ everywhere RMI is working around the world. I also pray for you so that you can improve your Creole better day by day.
I leave you with the peace of God.


Pastor Evelt Mentor.

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