Monday, October 10, 2016

Southern Haiti Hurricane Update

A lot was accomplished over the weekend and our team worked tirelessly.  The water systems on the mission center have been restored.  One missionary stated this morning, " is starting to feel more like home even without power. Just having water has really improved our living situation so much!"  The team did take a much needed day of rest on Sunday and enjoyed some down time together.

Benson's mother's houseMany more trees, debris and electric lines have been cleared making the roads passable in the Cayes area and the road from Port-au-Prince to Cayes is open.  The rivers are going down, so vehicles are able to get through them where the bridges are down.

We hear that the road west from Cayes to the town of Les Anglais has been opened up. This is fantastic news and means we should be able to get reliable reports and pictures on the churches along that road. 

banana cropWhat we hear from areas like Port Salut, and Les Anglais are indeed grim.  Lives, crops, homes and livestock has been lost.  Hunger is a dire need and people are desperate for any help.  We sent out a truck this morning with 172,000 meals to distribute meals in the west, but it had to turn back due to insecurity along the road.  Our staff are looking at options and ways to safely deliver food to our churches and areas that are in the most need.  Since we are one of the only organizations who already have food on the ground and in place, a number of NGO's have contacted us to partner together to distribute food in the south.

A note to Hope for Kidz sponsors...right now we are not able to check up on individual children.  In one sense, we have to proceed with the adage of "no news is good news". We know you are concerned for your sponsored child and so are we, however, the circumstances are so extreme, we haven't been able to get to all of the churches and schools to check up on them.  Keep checking this website for updates.  And keep praying for their safety and provision for their families.

dame marie 8We know it is very difficult for many of you who have been to Haiti and have left a piece of your heart there to wait for news of your loved ones at your Sister Church. Please know we are doing our utmost to get accurate reports and pictures for you. Since the cell phone system has been severely damaged, we've not been able to get in touch with the churches and pastors.

Our Partnership Facilitators are hitting the road to visit each of their assigned churches to check on the church buildings, the schools, parsonages and communities. Once they make those reports, we'll post them - so keep an eye on RMI’s website and Facebook as well. 

At this point we are not collecting relief supplies here in the states.  That may come at a later date and may involve construction supplies more than clothing and toys.  Our priority right now is to help with the overwhelming food need.  Hunger is what they are facing now, even as they begin cleanup and work to rebuild their lives.  This is where we can help. And it is where YOU can help.

RMI delivering food, UttleyBy faith we've ordered 5 additional containers of food.  This morning already we've heard of one of them being paid for completely by one church in Ohio!  One small church in Nebraska raised $13,000 all by itself!  And one Sunday School class at a local church raised $1,200 in a special offering.  God is touching people's hearts and starting to bring in some funds. We are so grateful for this incredible response. 

We need your help now.  Every little bit helps.  Please share RMI's website with your friends!  Get your colleagues at work involved in helping.  Spread the word.

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