Monday, October 03, 2016

A Photo Update from RMI...

Keep praying for Haiti. The next 24 hours are critical. Hurricane Matthew is a slow moving storm which means it will have time to dump even more rain. It has already taken a toll on the southern coast. We've heard from the Les Anglais pastor who shared that at least 32 homes located on the beach have been lost. Reports from Dame Marie are that the roads are flooded and the village is cut off. Downtown Cayes is flooding. Storm surge is expected to be 10-15 feet. The Haitian Government has tried to encourage people to leave their homes for higher ground but it has no means to help them do that. Residents are unwilling to leave either because they have nowhere to go or because they want to stay to protect their belongings. RMI's staff and missionaries are secure in their homes. Continue to pray for their safety. Our hearts are heavy and we are very concerned for our many partner churches as they face the forces of a category 4 hurricane with little defences. Hurricane Matthew's effects are going to be catastrophic.

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