Sunday, October 02, 2016

A Photo Update from RMI...

Urgent prayers are needed for our Haitian church partners, our ministries, national staff and missionaries - and all of southern Haiti. Hurricane Matthew, currently a category 4 storm, has shifted slightly east, bringing the eye close, if not passing right over the tip of the southern peninsula. We have a number of churches that are right on the water and in that area....Tiburon, Aux Coteaux, Boyer, Les Irois, Dame Marie just to mention a few. Morency is on the beach, and Baraderes is near the water and where 3 rivers come together (the parsonage backs up to one of them) and floods frequently. Many other churches are in the mountains, where the estimated 15 to 40 inches of rain could bring life-threatening mud and landslides. You get the idea! We are very concerned how up to 150 mph winds will affect so many. Haiti is ill-prepared to take such a serious hit. It will make the already existing extreme poverty even worse. The missionaries and staff have been preparing their homes, the RMI office, and other facilities. They have a good hurricane preparedness plan of action, which they are implementing. Most of them live in cement homes. The Partnership Facilitators have already called the C3 Partner churches to let them know what to expect so they can prepare as much as they can and to let their people know about it. Once the storm is passed they'll be checking in with them to see how things went and what their needs are. As we have updates, we will forward them to you. We do have food aid ready to get to the areas of need once the roads are passable.

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