Tuesday, October 04, 2016

Hurricane Matthew makes Landfall in Haiti

As it advanced last night, Oct. 3, Hurricane Matthew pushed east a bit at the last moment with disastrous results.  Instead of the eye staying off the coast, it came ashore east of Les Anglais along the southern coast.  The devastation is much worse than anyone expected.  There is extensive flooding – it is safe to say that the majority of the crops in southern Haiti are gone.  Livestock have been swept away.  Much of the vegetation is lost, down or stripped bare.  Entire villages have been flattened.  Mud huts destroyed, thatched or tin roofs torn off, and all electricity is out. Roads are not only washed out but are gone.  One major bridge connecting Port-au-Prince and Cayes is gone and the raging river is impossible to cross.  Other bridges are washed away as well.

We have heard from our missionaries and they are all safe.  Their homes are intact as well.  So many trees are down that it’ll take a while for them to dig out and be able to get around on motorcycles or in vehicles.  The RMI office is intact as well although several windows were lost and there is water all over the place.  A few of our Haitian staff took refuge at the RMI Depot (there are many more we haven't heard from) and are safe. Our huge metal gate to the Depot yard is in the middle of the road. The metal roof over our mechanics shop is gone. Most metal roofs we put over our containers to protect them are gone.

Apparently cell phone service in the south is down and we haven’t been able to get ahold of anyone as of this afternoon (Oct. 4).  Tomorrow our staff will try to get assessment reports and once we hear from them we’ll post those updates.

One of the greatest and most immediate needs will be food.  You can help us provide that food by donating HERE.

Keep praying for our brothers and sisters in Haiti as they are going through a very difficult time.

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