Wednesday, October 05, 2016

Hurricane Aftermath Update

1We were able to have a long phone call with Lee Nunemaker this morning.  All the missionaries are safe (RMI's and about 30 others from other organizations).  The mission center has no water since the system's pipes were broken when trees fell over, roots and all, as well as there is no power.  There's no electrical power.  All the lines are down on the mission center and beyond and many of the poles are broken off.  Six out of 18 missionary homes lost their roofs.  The internet satellite antennae was ripped right out of the roof where it was stationed, taking a chunk of concrete with it so they don't have internet.  Driveways and roads on the mission center are covered in debris and downed trees.

Yesterday they spent the day just trying to dig out of their homes and carve out paths to get from one house to another to check on their neighbors and offices there on the mission center.  All the missionaries are pulling together to take care of each other, and working on establishing some sort of water system, power, and shelter for those who lost their roofs.

We have heard that Benjamin, Benson and most of the other staff have checked in. Some have damage to their homes, and one had a family member struck by flying tin and was being taken to the hospital.

4We received pictures of Rob Thompson's yard and property which is posted here in a slideshow format.  We are thankful that his tin roof stayed on but were saddened to hear that the other side of their duplex lost the tin.

So many trees are down that movement is almost impossible right now.  Benson lives 10 minutes from the mission center but only today was able to find a way to get there. When asked how the roads were, his response, "There are no roads anymore, just trees on top of trees."  What we've heard from Haitian nationals over and over is, "The country is finished.  There's nothing left, it's no more." 

2It is hard to wrap our heads around the complete and utter devastation that we are seeing and hearing about just around the Cayes area.  We haven't been able to get through to any of our church partners but know that many villages are cut off.  Roads and bridges are washed out.  Crops and livestock are lost.  Homes have been flattened and/or flooded.

Keep praying for our staff as they work on recovery priorities, care for their own families and as they try to get in touch with our partner churches

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