Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Welcome Home! The Moses Family is Back in Haiti

As of Friday, July 18, 2008 the Haiti gang's back together! Yes, the Moses have returned to Haiti. I know Gary and Marilyn McLaughlin and Jenn Rogan as well as the entire Haitian staff are glad to have them back. They had a warm reception as several RMI staff met them at the airport. They had a steady stream of people the whole weekend of people, nationals, staff and missionaries welcoming them back. There were hugs, kisses and tears of joy at their return. They are busy unpacking, cleaning house, settling in, and getting caught up.

This coming Friday, July 25, Billy and Debbie are going out with Gary, Jenn and the rest of the staff to Les Irois to work with a team from Harper Evangelical Free Church from Port Orchard, Washington. Gary will be leading the team with Billy, Debbie, and Jenn there to assist with the ministry of the team. They are doing a marriage seminar for the church. I know it will be a great time of ministry together.

The Moses will be taking a couple of weeks afterward to finish getting their feet under them and then will begin to get back into the saddle so to speak. We are excited about having everyone back together again.

Look for a more detailed update on their personal blog: http://www.mosesinhaiti.blogspot.com/.

Dan Shoemaker

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